Dear Sloan at 8 months

Dear Sloan,

Your 8th month was a good one. We had your first Christmas (yay!) which involved a lot of family time and tons of snuggles for you. You are just such a lucky baby with so many people who love you. You got to spend quite a bit of time with Uncle T and you were quite enamoured with each other. It was so lovely to watch. Clearly you didn’t get the excitement of Christmas but you fed off your sister who was pretty bananas, so there was lots of smiles and excited squeals.

You are SO close to crawling, you will pull yourself along on the carpet, but you haven’t got those legs going just yet. It seems easier for you to roll yourself places so that is your current mode of transport.

Your top two teeth have come in so we are at a total of four. “All the better to bite you with my dear” I can hear you saying in a Big Bad Wolf voice…you have sharpened those teeth on me while eating, various fingers, arms, sweater sleeves, and pretty much anything you can get into your mouth. Zoë was very upset to catch you chewing on baby Jesus from our Fischer Price Crèche.

You have taken to food like a true champ and just adore feeding yourself. My OCD makes it hard to give in and give you the spoon, as it equals a huge mess everywhere but you love it! Brooklyn is also delighting in your adventures with food as you are big on the ‘one for me, one for you’ with her. You squeal with delight whenever she comes into your sight and she will run over to share in whatever snack you’re offering. That dog sure loves her human sisters.

You have started twirling the hair over your ears while nursing and falling asleep. You don’t have much hair to twirl but it somehow just helps push you off to dreamland. 

You are a happy, giggling, delight of a girl and I thank God every day for giving you to us.

Love always, Mama


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