Dear Sloan at 9 and 10 months

The past two months have been busy and crazy and giving us all that “oh man will it ever be spring” feeling.

Some notes from my phone: Jan 2nd third tooth popped through (top right) Jan 6th other top tooth came in. This week you’ve started crawling…it’s scary I’m not ready

End of Jan started pulling yourself up! Slow down baby girl
Feb 3 shared your first timbit with Papa

Feb 21 said mama (in a crying voice as you didn’t want to be napping)

9 month doctor appointment had you weighing in at 21.5lbs

You progressed quickly from wounded soldier crawl to nearly a sprint. You love being on the move…mainly to Brooklyns bowl or any box of tissues at your level.  March 10th you learned to crawl up stairs (thanks Nana)

Your sleeping is still so hit or miss, you’ve been taking better naps (yay me) and doing most of the night (also yay me). I’m working on getting you to sleep through before I am back to work. No one needs a zombie trying to help them with their office needs.

Your favourite things at the moment are: Zoë, Brooklyn, bath time, Teddy Cat and smashing the door to the toy kitchen. I cannot even put into words how much I love you.  I am sure I say this every month but you are just exactly the person our family was waiting for. Your large personality emerges more and more each day and I cannot wait to see the little person you become.

I love you to the moon and back goosey girl

xoxo Mama


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