Dear Sloan at 11 months



Dear Sloanie Girl,

ONE MORE MONTH until you are a year old. I am having some sort of existential crisis in that on one hand I cannot believe how crazy quickly the past 11 months have flown by, but also I sometimes forget that you haven’t always been here with us. I sometimes look at photos and panic wondering where you were.

You at 11 months are simultaneously a complete joy and a total turkey. You do not sit still for a minute. The only time you are confined is when you are in your high chair and you rock your legs the entire time.  You can scoot yourself from one end of the kitchen to the other, its extremely impressive. You now shake or nod your head rather emphatically to get your point across. You point and say something that sounds like “dat” when you want something.  A few weeks ago you stole a baby doll from the nursery at church and that thing hasn’t left your sight! If we say “Where is your baby”? you will search it out. It gets very aggressive back pats and kisses and you grin ear to ear while you lug it around.

We just had your first Easter and you enjoyed following Z around and feeding off her excitement, I am pretty sure we fished 17 chocolate eggs out of your mouth throughout the day–you love biting everything to see just how edible it is. Pre-kids I thought that parents who dressed their kids alike were lame. Well…then I had kids and now I use every chance I can to dress you and your sister alike. Nana bought you two matching jammies and dresses for Easter.  #PhotoOp I honestly LOVE seeing you two dressed the same. I know that the time period when you guys will allow me to do it is so short, so I am definitely taking advantage.

We have one more month left before I go back to work and I have been having such complicated feelings about it lately. I am excited to join the world of grownups, drinking hot coffee, peeing without company etc, but I am also just so sad thinking about this time coming to a close. You are our last baby and I will never have this second year with you like I did with Z.  While this has been simultaneously the most amazing and difficult year of my life I am sad seeing it come to a close.  Nothing can ever stay the same, and I have loved so very many things about these past 11 months.  I know that the next 11 months will bring so many adventures for our family…you walking and talking is on the horizon and I know that will bring a lot of excitement to the Walsh house.

I love you to bits baby girl.  I would say don’t ever change, but if you wanted to think about sleeping more I would totally be up for that change.

Love always,



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