Walsh family Staycation

We took several days off in July and instead of camping, choose to stay home.  The girls were at daycare (oooh the Mum guilt) so Garret and I got some work done around the house. The built ins in the dining room are now completed (YAY!) Mum helped me attack our disaster of a front garden–no longer looks like we need to hay, and we accomplished some of those little jobs that have been adding up. We made sure to have some fun as well, painting at Nana’s, a sleepover for Zoë, dinner out at Pie, aaaaand a heavenly day of relaxation with Garret. The Wednesday we had a couples massage followed by a few hours enjoying Scandinave. Then lunch and a margarita at Bent Taco in Collingwood, which is probably the best Mexican food I have had outside of California.
These few days weren’t as exciting as camping, but it definitely feels so good to be making a dent on our to do list(s) Summertime is so hard to balance the fun stuff with the necessary stuff. Weekends we want to be spending out playing with the girls and enjoying the weather, but we really need to be better at planning these work days as well. I think this will be a seasonal staycation plan, even just a day or two off work where the kids are at school and we can really blitz stuff around the house. Feeling productive for the win!


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