Dear Sloan at 15 months

Dear Sloan,

You are 15 months old. I was just moments ago dreading the arrival of your first birthday and here we are kiddo…time just keeps trucking along doesn’t it?! The past two months have been a whirlwind of insanity, tooth growing and development. You went from tentatively taking a few steps here and there last month, to full on RUNNING, trying to keep up with Zoë and Brooklyn as best you can. You are determined to walk up and down the stairs the way your big sister does, NO interest in crawling as that is clearly for babies and the weak. You my girl are our wild child, our before the sun riser, our living choking hazard, our couch jumper, our counter clearer offer, our dog feeder, our emphatic head shaker, our Sloanie girl.
You like crawling up into laps to read stories, climbing stairs, pushing buttons. Playing with the ikea kitchen, and stealing toys from your sister. You LOVE water. A few weekends ago, Daddy set up the sprinkler and you wandered right over and stuck your face in the line of fire. I was waiting for tears but you laughed and laughed as you got totally soaked. Nana bought you a water table for your birthday and you happily splash around (try to drink the water. ew) and on occasion I have caught you trying to climb in.

So many delightful things make you you. You have the BEST giggle and just this past week have really started trying to talk more. Bra Bra you yell for Brooklyn, will answer “what does a cow say” with a cheeky grin and a MOOOOOOOOOOO. You love wearing hats, recently started insisting on wearing a pair of Zoë’s underwear over your diaper, and you try to dress yourself. All signs pointing to a second very independent little lady in our house. Your little voice and strong personality are starting to shine and it is just such a delight to watch.

You have been going to Miss Jennifer’s house for daycare this summer and you seem to love it. Daddy does drop off and pick up and says you wander happily into her house and arms. I do miss our days together my little goose, but I love knowing you are somewhere positive and you are thriving. The little report cards that get sent home daily show me some great naps you tend to take M-F and skip over on the weekends. When I get home from work in the evenings, nothing makes me feel better than seeing you and your sister running down the front hall to greet me. On days I am super tired, frustrated and just touched out in general, I try to focus on the sheer volume of love bursting from our home. I know that will sustain me.

I couldn’t love you more if I tried my best wee girl,

Love, Mama


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