Walsh Family Camps (@Cedar Park)

Our camping motto for 2017 is going to be “If it ain’t raining we ain’t camping”  What a wet gross summer…I am so glad we didn’t decide to become avid tent campers this summer, we would have been washed away.  Aug 4-7th we headed down to Bowmanville for another weekend of fun.  Fri afternoon was raining, Sat poured most of the day, Sunday was lovely and then when we woke up Monday morning…you guessed it, rain again.  I have learned to pack more clothes than expected to need, as I had to borrow some of Emme’s clothes to keep Zo dry.  We went through pants at an alarming rate.  The park was nice, but since neither of the girls are super crazy about water, the slides and splash pad were somewhat wasted on us.  G and Justin definitely got their money’s worth out of the big slides as they kept racing down.  While the weather wasn’t amazing, the company was great and we had some drinks, played some Yardzee and had some laughs.  Love camping with the Elyea family.  We had to hide Harley all weekend as we weren’t supposed to have dogs there. oops. This campground was nice, but not one I would say is at the top of my “must return to” list.

We seemed to take turns each night bailing at the campfire. Someone was exhausted each night…I remember camping trips where we would stay up partying til 4am…those days are long gone (thankfully)  It is great to have friends that are also of the “oh well let’s make the best of it” mentality. When it comes to things that are out of your control (like the weather)  Not the hot summer weekend we had hoped for but we still had such a blast.  Here’s to a toasty camping season in 2018!


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