Dear Zoë (at 3 years old)

I just found this saved in my Draft folder. oopsIMG_8185.JPG

Dear Zoë,

I blinked and you turned 3.
Last night I tucked my 2 year old in for the last time. We had a snuggle and I told you that when you woke up you would be three. “Oh that will be nice, thank you Mama” you replied.
Oh no my girl I think I should be the one saying thank you. These past three years have been the most amazing, exhausting, trying and beautiful years of my life. You are a mercurial being with a crazy temper offset by a phenomenal sense of humour and I am continually in awe of you.

You love princesses, your bunny, Barbies, Timbits, Brooklyn, and your sister.

You love your sister with an immeasurable passion. I have loved watching you grow into your role as big sister and I am so excited to watch your relationship develop. You are steadily cheering her every small accomplishment and love to make her smile. You tell Daddy and I that she is your best friend and it melts our hearts. My wish for you is that you two will always have each other’s back and be each other’s biggest cheerleader.

This past year your personality and vocabulary have exploded and you have become such an interesting person. The term “spirited child” could be heavily applied to you and we have butted heads in such ways at times I have felt like I was going crazy. Your Papa calls you Independent Zo as you like to do everything yourself. These traits will serve you well into adulthood, but can  be tricky to deal with as your parent.
You dance and sing with a careless abandon that is a joy to watch. I hope you never stop shaking your groove thing.

You make me so very proud to be your mother. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.
Love you too much (as you say)


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