Our House

    When we first moved into our sweet old house we were both blinded by the possibilities.  The house is extremely old and in dire need of TLC since the past few owners weren’t really big on upkeep.  Neither of us are known for our decisive nature so it took us about 6 months of living in the house before we could decide on where we wanted to start. It seems like every job we wanted to tackle depended on another job being done first.  We were slightly overwhelmed.  Then we decided to just leap in and hope for the best–so far it has worked out.  Our home reno idealism was crushed a little bit when we realized just how much everything costs.  We luckily don’t ever have to worry about labour costs due to G and his Dad being super awesome-o handy men, but my LAWD materials cost an arm and a leg, lathe and Plaster walls are an SOB and century homes are full of “character”  (this has become a mantra for when something crazy starts to happen)  Until recently we both had a bad case of renovation ADD and we would start jobs, get them part way finished and then move on to something else when the mood struck.  We have really tried to focus our energies lately so that we can pick one project and finish before moving on to the next.  I have complied a bit of a list to help keep us focused and inspired (and hopefully more budget conscious)  I think our focus just needs to be making our  house beautiful and living in it as it is.  We both keep saying “oh when we do x then things will be better/more organized/perfect” and really, who knows when we will get to ‘x’ so I just want to make our house our functional home that works for now just as it is.  And now I present our long insane list of needs/wants/to dos for the house:
Main floor
Entry way:
New Door or storm door
New light fixture
paint/carpet stairs
Fix hole in ceiling–paint or stain new ceiling
New carpet runner
Art on walls going up the stairs
Some form of coat hanger on wall behind door–My Mum sourced and ordered one for us yay
Dining Room:
New blind (definitely a want not a need)
New dining room chairs
Paint the holes in the wall just above the mirror
Something else for storage in place of the corner cabinet
Hang stuff on walls
Paint top of trim from where we took down gross bi-fold doors
Living Room:
Finish painting
Brick treatment on TV wall (this is awesome nearly free project based on leftover brick facade from a friend)
Something to put our DVD player/apple TV etc on (G wants to build something cool)
Maybe more pillows for the couch
Paint a wall (?)
New door/storm door
Build a wine rack on the useless cabinet over the fridge
Rip off and create a whole new area…bedroom and mudroom (Feels like a need….kind of is…also mostly a want)
Fix wall where we ripped down gross shelving unit
New light on the wall outside bathroom
Finish Hall Closet
Figure out some form of window (maybe stained glass)
Hang more art/pics
Storage something against wall where former ugly shelving unit resided
Spare room:
Paint closet doors
*technically I am daydreaming that this room wil be a nursery in the not too distant future so Im ok if we dont go whole hog on fixing it as a spare room
Hang photos/art/something
Builtins with lighting around the bed
finish the walk in closet
rugs for each side of the bed (CHILLY in the mornings)
More stuff on walls (Ikea frames have been purchased in prep for a snazzy wall of photos)
Call Bathfitters and see if they can salvage the nastiness that is this tub
New mirror
new Vanity (one with storage underneath)
Spruce up the chair rail
New light over the sink
New Shower curtain
Fix holes in the frame around the window
Bulldoze and start over? ha close though..
Strip paint and re do the porch
Rip out ugly hedge at the curb
Extend porch in front of front window and add porch swing…(100% just a want)
Build one line of fence to keep Brooklyn in (we are fenced in on three sides so that’s not too bad)
Get some sort of gardening game plan in place cause holy man it’s a hot mess
Dig up garden at side of house and maybe have raised veggie beds there
Garret laughs at my “5 year plan” plan, but there is no way both financially or sheer time wise that we could get all this done anytime soon.  I mean we could, but we have realized that rushing these things is never a good idea and it’s better to save up and get what we want then get some ugly fixture we will just hate two months later.  Here is hoping that I can slowly but surely start crossing things off this list.  I imagine that I will also be adding to the list, but I hope we can manage to see some dents happening in the to dos in 2013.

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