Dear Sloan at 15 months

Dear Sloan,

You are 15 months old. I was just moments ago dreading the arrival of your first birthday and here we are kiddo…time just keeps trucking along doesn’t it?! The past two months have been a whirlwind of insanity, tooth growing and development. You went from tentatively taking a few steps here and there last month, to full on RUNNING, trying to keep up with Zoë and Brooklyn as best you can. You are determined to walk up and down the stairs the way your big sister does, NO interest in crawling as that is clearly for babies and the weak. You my girl are our wild child, our before the sun riser, our living choking hazard, our couch jumper, our counter clearer offer, our dog feeder, our emphatic head shaker, our Sloanie girl.
You like crawling up into laps to read stories, climbing stairs, pushing buttons. Playing with the ikea kitchen, and stealing toys from your sister. You LOVE water. A few weekends ago, Daddy set up the sprinkler and you wandered right over and stuck your face in the line of fire. I was waiting for tears but you laughed and laughed as you got totally soaked. Nana bought you a water table for your birthday and you happily splash around (try to drink the water. ew) and on occasion I have caught you trying to climb in.

So many delightful things make you you. You have the BEST giggle and just this past week have really started trying to talk more. Bra Bra you yell for Brooklyn, will answer “what does a cow say” with a cheeky grin and a MOOOOOOOOOOO. You love wearing hats, recently started insisting on wearing a pair of Zoë’s underwear over your diaper, and you try to dress yourself. All signs pointing to a second very independent little lady in our house. Your little voice and strong personality are starting to shine and it is just such a delight to watch.

You have been going to Miss Jennifer’s house for daycare this summer and you seem to love it. Daddy does drop off and pick up and says you wander happily into her house and arms. I do miss our days together my little goose, but I love knowing you are somewhere positive and you are thriving. The little report cards that get sent home daily show me some great naps you tend to take M-F and skip over on the weekends. When I get home from work in the evenings, nothing makes me feel better than seeing you and your sister running down the front hall to greet me. On days I am super tired, frustrated and just touched out in general, I try to focus on the sheer volume of love bursting from our home. I know that will sustain me.

I couldn’t love you more if I tried my best wee girl,

Love, Mama


Walsh family Staycation

We took several days off in July and instead of camping, choose to stay home.  The girls were at daycare (oooh the Mum guilt) so Garret and I got some work done around the house. The built ins in the dining room are now completed (YAY!) Mum helped me attack our disaster of a front garden–no longer looks like we need to hay, and we accomplished some of those little jobs that have been adding up. We made sure to have some fun as well, painting at Nana’s, a sleepover for Zoë, dinner out at Pie, aaaaand a heavenly day of relaxation with Garret. The Wednesday we had a couples massage followed by a few hours enjoying Scandinave. Then lunch and a margarita at Bent Taco in Collingwood, which is probably the best Mexican food I have had outside of California.
These few days weren’t as exciting as camping, but it definitely feels so good to be making a dent on our to do list(s) Summertime is so hard to balance the fun stuff with the necessary stuff. Weekends we want to be spending out playing with the girls and enjoying the weather, but we really need to be better at planning these work days as well. I think this will be a seasonal staycation plan, even just a day or two off work where the kids are at school and we can really blitz stuff around the house. Feeling productive for the win!

Walsh Family Camps (May 5-7)

The Walsh family braved the elements for our inaugural trailer camping trip. It was our first time out and we are so thankful to the Joneses for helping us with a few important details…such as me forgetting to bring bottled water, and not having a PILE of necessary items…I think by the end of the summer I might have this whole thing sorted out…
It was wet, rainy and insanely muddy. It wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but there were a few brief respites from the rain so we went for walks and splashed in puddles. All in all I will call this one a success and pray for nicer weather when we get out next.

Dear Sloan at 11 months



Dear Sloanie Girl,

ONE MORE MONTH until you are a year old. I am having some sort of existential crisis in that on one hand I cannot believe how crazy quickly the past 11 months have flown by, but also I sometimes forget that you haven’t always been here with us. I sometimes look at photos and panic wondering where you were.

You at 11 months are simultaneously a complete joy and a total turkey. You do not sit still for a minute. The only time you are confined is when you are in your high chair and you rock your legs the entire time.  You can scoot yourself from one end of the kitchen to the other, its extremely impressive. You now shake or nod your head rather emphatically to get your point across. You point and say something that sounds like “dat” when you want something.  A few weeks ago you stole a baby doll from the nursery at church and that thing hasn’t left your sight! If we say “Where is your baby”? you will search it out. It gets very aggressive back pats and kisses and you grin ear to ear while you lug it around.

We just had your first Easter and you enjoyed following Z around and feeding off her excitement, I am pretty sure we fished 17 chocolate eggs out of your mouth throughout the day–you love biting everything to see just how edible it is. Pre-kids I thought that parents who dressed their kids alike were lame. Well…then I had kids and now I use every chance I can to dress you and your sister alike. Nana bought you two matching jammies and dresses for Easter.  #PhotoOp I honestly LOVE seeing you two dressed the same. I know that the time period when you guys will allow me to do it is so short, so I am definitely taking advantage.

We have one more month left before I go back to work and I have been having such complicated feelings about it lately. I am excited to join the world of grownups, drinking hot coffee, peeing without company etc, but I am also just so sad thinking about this time coming to a close. You are our last baby and I will never have this second year with you like I did with Z.  While this has been simultaneously the most amazing and difficult year of my life I am sad seeing it come to a close.  Nothing can ever stay the same, and I have loved so very many things about these past 11 months.  I know that the next 11 months will bring so many adventures for our family…you walking and talking is on the horizon and I know that will bring a lot of excitement to the Walsh house.

I love you to bits baby girl.  I would say don’t ever change, but if you wanted to think about sleeping more I would totally be up for that change.

Love always,


Dear Sloan at 9 and 10 months

The past two months have been busy and crazy and giving us all that “oh man will it ever be spring” feeling.

Some notes from my phone: Jan 2nd third tooth popped through (top right) Jan 6th other top tooth came in. This week you’ve started crawling…it’s scary I’m not ready

End of Jan started pulling yourself up! Slow down baby girl
Feb 3 shared your first timbit with Papa

Feb 21 said mama (in a crying voice as you didn’t want to be napping)

9 month doctor appointment had you weighing in at 21.5lbs

You progressed quickly from wounded soldier crawl to nearly a sprint. You love being on the move…mainly to Brooklyns bowl or any box of tissues at your level.  March 10th you learned to crawl up stairs (thanks Nana)

Your sleeping is still so hit or miss, you’ve been taking better naps (yay me) and doing most of the night (also yay me). I’m working on getting you to sleep through before I am back to work. No one needs a zombie trying to help them with their office needs.

Your favourite things at the moment are: Zoë, Brooklyn, bath time, Teddy Cat and smashing the door to the toy kitchen. I cannot even put into words how much I love you.  I am sure I say this every month but you are just exactly the person our family was waiting for. Your large personality emerges more and more each day and I cannot wait to see the little person you become.

I love you to the moon and back goosey girl

xoxo Mama

Dear Sloan at 8 months

Dear Sloan,

Your 8th month was a good one. We had your first Christmas (yay!) which involved a lot of family time and tons of snuggles for you. You are just such a lucky baby with so many people who love you. You got to spend quite a bit of time with Uncle T and you were quite enamoured with each other. It was so lovely to watch. Clearly you didn’t get the excitement of Christmas but you fed off your sister who was pretty bananas, so there was lots of smiles and excited squeals.

You are SO close to crawling, you will pull yourself along on the carpet, but you haven’t got those legs going just yet. It seems easier for you to roll yourself places so that is your current mode of transport.

Your top two teeth have come in so we are at a total of four. “All the better to bite you with my dear” I can hear you saying in a Big Bad Wolf voice…you have sharpened those teeth on me while eating, various fingers, arms, sweater sleeves, and pretty much anything you can get into your mouth. Zoë was very upset to catch you chewing on baby Jesus from our Fischer Price Crèche.

You have taken to food like a true champ and just adore feeding yourself. My OCD makes it hard to give in and give you the spoon, as it equals a huge mess everywhere but you love it! Brooklyn is also delighting in your adventures with food as you are big on the ‘one for me, one for you’ with her. You squeal with delight whenever she comes into your sight and she will run over to share in whatever snack you’re offering. That dog sure loves her human sisters.

You have started twirling the hair over your ears while nursing and falling asleep. You don’t have much hair to twirl but it somehow just helps push you off to dreamland. 

You are a happy, giggling, delight of a girl and I thank God every day for giving you to us.

Love always, Mama

Dear Sloan at 7 months

Dear Sloan,

Welcome to your first Christmas season darling girl! 

You have your two bottom teeth, are working on the top two and yet you are still the sweetest happiest baby imaginable. You like to practice using them by chewing on everything that you can get in your mouth. The other day much to Zoë’s panic we caught you chewing on the Little People Baby Jesus from our crèche.

 You are always smiling and your face lights up brighter than our tree whenever you spot your big sister. It is such a joy to watch the two of you together, and I hope that you will always love each other this much. I say this every month but I just want it to ring true. 

We have started you more regularly on real food and you seem to enjoy it. Brooklyn benefits the most as feeding her is your new favourite hobby.

I’m so excited for Christmas this year Sloanie girl…last Christmas we wondered who would be here with us this year and of COURSE it is you…I can’t imagine who else would be completing the Walsh family. Our blue eyed smiley little snuggle bug, there couldn’t possibly be anyone else. 

Merry Christmas baby girl.

Love, Mama