Weekend Plans

Recently I decided that G and I are terrible when it comes to “to-do lists”. We seem to have home improvement ADD, and even though we have a clearly laid out list, we always end up working on something else.   However, I do take such satisfaction from successfully crossing things off a list, so I think I will make one for this weekend anyway

*Finish those stupid storm doors that we started in July (herein lies the ADD….we have started working on these twice, but I think because it is just such an annoying terrible job we kept putting it off. Now it’s nearly winter and time to get those done!)

*Organize our clothes..summer stuff gets banished to bins in the basement and winter stuff rejoins us.  The downside of having a small space is even smaller closet space (I am sure I have commented on this before!) so organization is the only way to go

*Rake the gigantic pile of leaves that have fallen on the yard.  Trees are our best friends in the summer months, however in the fall they are proving to be more of a pain in the butt

*Weather strip the doors

*Clean the windows and window frames (the new pretty blinds deserve better!)

And likely a million other small jobs…let’s see how many we actually can tackle


With a sigh of utter delight

…I can happily tell you that our back room is no longer the depository for all that has no home/belongs outside! As I said the other day G has now loaded up the shed and the back room lay empty. Thanks to an amazing visionary in the family, (no I’m not tooting my own horn here!!!!) it has been transformed into gorgeous living space! I need to get off my butt and post pics from our good camera but in the meantime please accept some iPhone visual stylings:




We are referring to it as the Back room lounge…. It will be where we retire for our after dinner cocktails! We’ve discussed putting the hammock in there once the snow falls too! It’s amazing to have more living space. Note the doors I have yet to finish sanding (gulp) as decor. We LOVE IT! Next step is painting the floors to complete the cottagey feel.