So…I found a mega spider living near our barbecue. Two things just happened 1. I named it Charlotte and 2. Informed G he is in charge of all barbecue related activities from now til end of time.


Block Party

When we first moved in, we heard from
some neighbours that the lady who owned the house before the people we bought it from was lots of fun (ok that seemed complicated–hope we didn’t lose anyone) She used to throw a party every year in the mega back yard and have neighbours over for a Pot luck BBQ. I loved that idea and G and I decided to bring it back! We are going to do this mid September and have a bocce ball/ horseshoe tournament/meet the new neighbours BBQ. Mum and I were feeling crafty the other weekend so we made some invitations:


This weekend I am going to add the where and when details and drop them off to the neighbours! We’ve met a few of them already but I’m looking forward to having them over to hang out in our backyard. Am just debating if I should buy Garret a kiss the cook/ grill master apron as he will be manning the grill.