Birthday wishes for Miss B


Dear Brooklyn Springsteen Walsh,

You are 1 today!!! You have brought so much joy into our lives–we never thought that we would love you so much. Thank you for teaching us a lot about patience, parental worry and responsibility. You are snugly, high energy, and occasionally smelly…the perfect fit for our family.
Thank you for being our furry girl,
Love your parents


Car naps are the best naps


Car naps are the best naps

We had Brooklyn running around with a family friend’s giant lab this past weekend. As soon as we left and got in the truck, she crawled onto G’s lap and passed out. We were laughing as she got into some ridiculous positions on the way home. We learned in order to tire her out we just need a giant dog to chase her around. So….we are now getting a lab hahaha

A Boy and his Dog

Brooklyn MirrorWhen we got Brooklyn I really thought she would be our dog. Loving the two of us equally with her whole puppy heart.  This has not so much been the case. She is 100% a Daddy’s girl. It doesn’t matter that I am the one who walks her, and 9 times out of 10 feeds her, if she has her choice between me and G…she is ALL his.  I keep having this vision of Gus and Brooklyn all snuggled up with G and me all alone on the couch. Ha (clearly I have a flair for the dramatic)

This is a picture G sent me the other weekend when he and his girl were out running some errands.  She is just chilling and supervising from her fave perch–front seat of the truck.  Poor thing, I wonder if she knows what craziness is about to be upon her…someone else who will be requiring more of her Dad’s attention.  At least the baby won’t be riding shot gun in the car anytime soon.

The Fam

We attempted to keep Miss. Brooklyn on the chill side this weekend but that is nearly impossible as she is all like “yay run, jump, play, leap about” and not so much “let’s just chill out and watch a movie”  So just to keep a further eye on her, G took her to work again today.  G made her a fort in the back of the truck and she is chilling out back there and when he goes on job sites he takes her out for a pee and a snuggle.  There is WAY less snuggling happening at my work today. boo.  I whined about not getting mid day family time so G sent me a pic:


my handsome hubs and our sweet furry girl

It’s almost as good as all being together!

On the mend

Our sweet babe made it through her spaying fine and dandy. She is a bit off but on the whole back to her normal self.  Being the paranoid worrisome people that we are, we didn’t really want to leave her home alone. So we did what any normal dog owner would do…we packed her up and sent her to work with her Dad.  G and I are both pretty lucky that we work with a lot of dog lovers and both our jobs would be  understanding (understanding of us being insane pet owners I guess…)  So he has her sitting under his desk today and I am jealous as anything.  While she is clearly fine and good to be on her own, we are just liking snuggling her extra close and spending some time with her while she heals.  Tonight we have big plans for a couch cuddlefest  and finally watching The Hobbit.  It is our plan to make the dog a big of a nerd as me…next up? A Harry Potter Marathon.  She looks a bit like Dobby so I think she will enjoy.  Hey…remember when my blog was about our house? And now it’s just about our dog? Be forewarned soon it will just be about our baby.

The Scary One

I didn’t want to write about this when it was happening, because I didn’t know the outcome.  Now that it is more sunshine and roses as opposed to doom and gloom so I can discuss. Thurs and Fri Brooklyn was clearly not feeling very well.  We spoke with various other puppy loving friends and they said her upset tummy was likely due to stress or a change in food.  Saturday morning it became very clear that we should probably take her to the vet. G and I both thought that we had just given her too many treats in our quest to get her to sit, so when the Vet came back with a more serious diagnosis I think we were both very shocked.  B had Parvovirus which can be a really serious puppy killing type of illness.  We had to admit her and the vet was honest about her chances…he said he really couldn’t say.  There seems to be an outbreak in Barrie lately and some dogs make it and others don’t.  Naturally I cried the entire time and felt like a total jack-hole by the time we left.  We both tried to be really positive about it but we were both pretty scared.  Garret joked that he was going to get a vasectomy because if he was this sad about our puppy he didnt think he could handle having kids.  We had to clean the house like crazy and throw out all her blankets and soft toys…so instead of Saturday being a joyous home renovatey day it ended up being me crying over a tub of bleach as I cleaned the kitchen floors kind of day.

Obviously the little Turd-meister really snuggled her way into our family and our hearts quickly.  Yesterday the clinic called and said that she was doing awesome, her temperature was down and she was eating and drinking and keeping it all down.  I picked her up last night and it was SO AWESOME to bring her home.  We had a serious Walsh family snuggle session with her on the couch once G got home as well. She was being extra turdy though so I am not sure if she just forgot her manners in the 2 days she was away, or she was just angry that we seemed to leave her behind to get poked and prodded!  But honestly we didn’t care at all because we were just so glad she was home.

sharpening her teeth

Christmas is cancelled because of MY vet bill?!

After getting some energy out she crawled into my lap for a snuggle. I took her off to get up and she just walked in a small circle and got in my lap again. After a near death experience a gal’s just gota snuggle




The One Where This Becomes A Puppy Blog

So it has become apparent that the biggest news in our life this week has to do with the dog. It’s funny how quickly we have become attached and its all we talk/blog about.  It took a day but we already have a nickname for her when she is being naughty.  Turd Ferguson (from an old SNL skit with Norm MacDonald and Will Ferrell) Turd was out and about a bit this morning as she turned down the chance to go to the bathroom outside to come inside and poop on the floor…definitely something to keep working on!

I downloaded a new fun ap the other week for my iPhone called “Half Tone” which lets me add fun comic book style titles to photos. I’m thinking that we will need to make up a little comic book series about what our little Turd gets up to during the day while we are at work…yesterday would have included an image of her chewing on the cord for my Cuisinart.  Naughty Monkey.

Season 1: volume 1