Lemony Snicket No More

Garret and I were having a series of unfortunate events when it came to vehicles in the past few months.  The truck blew up on us at the end of the winter and the Camry aka the Donald had been giving me nothing but problems.  I meant to write a post regarding the demise of the Donald.  We sent that beeotch for scrap metal at the beginning of April (RIP). As he was off travelling I have been driving my brother’s death trap of a Focus since then.  As Taylor’s return date from Thailand approaches,  G and I had to hop to it to find another vehicle.  Contrary to our usual method of impulsive/non-planning decision making, we have spent the past few months test driving and researching.  It has been a fun, exciting experience, but also a pretty scary one. I have never spent that much money on something I couldn’t a) live in or b) get a degree from (that’s right over priced education I’m talkin’ to you).  But I digress…as usual…So we have now welcomed an awesome Chevy Cruze into our family. Pictures to follow, as well as anecdotes about G and I fighting over who gets to drive it.  We will be accepting suggestions on what to name this one.  (by we I mean me cause G doesn’t really care that much on what we name our cars)


New addition to the family

Freedom is:


That’s right ladies and gentlemen….I bought a car. It is by no means a new car. In fact by vehicle standards it would be considered elderly. But, it runs, it was inexpensive and most importantly it’s MINE! I have learned over the years through sharing a car with my brother, then much later with G, that sharing a car is a fallacy. The vehicle most definitely belongs to one person and the other person is just allowed to use it on (rare) occasions. I’m excited to be able to have some more freedom and no longer rely on G, my mum and public transit like I was a teenager.
Drum roll please…..


Isn’t it beautiful? G and I were throwing names around last night. I suggested Burt while he thought Sally Jesse Raphael (SJ) for short was a good option.(Garret is creative and weird and that is why I love him folks) Any other suggestions for names?