December Daily Weekend 20-21 Edition

IMG_20141220_194836_edit Xmas imagejpeg_2 Me and em 20141220_100036 20141220_102801This weekend was about driving to Meaford, some last minute Christmas shopping, and time spent with my mother in law, brother in law and future (we all hope!) sister in law.  Zoë getting spoiled and snuggled and loved on by family. Garret got a new truck, and cleaned our old one til it looked brand new (don’t think it has ever been so clean) Sunday morning was all about getting to go back to sleep while my MIL hung out with our little early riser.  G and I got to go back to bed from 7-9…life changing.  There was a lot of driving around this weekend, some naps in cars, cuddles with dogs, and two chances to dress up.  Not enough pictures taken by me so had to steal some.

This weekend was also about  managing expectations as a parent. Realizing it is TOTALLY OK to bring a 15month old to a party in her super cute Christmas jammies.  Even if you packed a super adorable dress for the occasion…Realizing that life with a walking, clumsy, death defying feat hunting toddler is obviously different.  We cannot just relax at dinner parties any longer. (Unless they are being hosted in a child proof rubber room)  These things are OK, this is our life right now, and if we can manage tag team eating styles, we simultaneously eat and keep our daughter alive, then what more can we ask for.


December Daily –December 16th

Dec 16thToday started off with a bit of a flurry and panic as our dear Z woke up with a shiner (see above).  We didn’t really know what was up so there was some googling and phone calls to a friend who is a nurse and we decided that G would stay home with her (just in case it was an allergy related flare up)  Now we think when she hit  her head on her toy kitchen on Monday night the bruise needed some percolating time.  Nothing says Merry Christmas in photos like your child looking like an extra from Rocky V.  Once we were satisfied that it in fact looked worse than it was, the two of them ran some Christmas errands and I was at work (boo)

After our wee cage fighter went to bed, Garret got back to working on our back splash (photos to follow in another post) and I did some Christmassy things like wrapping presents (under our tree was looking  quite bare.) I absolutely love wrapping presents.  It is a trait I have inherited through my Grandpa–he would take immense satisfaction from successfully wrapping a hexagonal box of Quality Street chocolates.  G and I are just doing stockings for each other this year so I have some teeny things to wrap as well as a few other gifts then will be all ready to go.  We have three Christmas celebration locations this year so now I just need to organize which gifts go where and then I can relax with a large glass of Christmas cheer.

December Daily(ish) Weekend 6-7th edition

The weekend was all about taking advantage of the surprisingly warm weather to get some decorating done!  We put up the tree while Z napped on Saturday, and G went outside and did our front with some lights.  I was concerned about how a toddler and a dog would do with a tree, but so far we have only had one ornament fatality.

20141206_182147Garret took a pic-stitch photo to try to incorporate the majority of our decor.  Small house and grabby hands have us not putting too much out this year, but since we are hosting Christmas Day dinner at our place it has to look just festive enough!

PC_20141206_171840_hdrWe didn’t want to go overboard with lights so G just did the front. Just enough to highlight how badly we need to paint hahaha,

PC_20141206_181216_hdrThis guy tends to get some sort of decor each season–this year he is Rudolph.  The nose fell off once and scared the bajeezus out of Brooklyn, but has held up since then.

I thought that Zo would be more enthralled with the tree and lights but it doesn’t seem to phase her too much.  The tree decor is limited as I don’t want her breaking anything else or stabbing herself with the little hooks.

When I was growing up we seemed to have more ledges and places to put things that were christmassy.  I can recall very specific items I have BEGGED my Mum to keep for me that are now (still) being stored in her basement.  When we move, and start looking at new houses one of the things I will ask myself is “Do we have enough room for christmas decorations?”

December Daily–December 4th

IMG_20140103_131055December 4 20131225_181249 20131224_184052 20131226_075525I got my new cell phone just before Christmas last year and so when I scroll back to the start of my camera feed I can see photos from last Christmas.  It is unbelievable how much has changed in a year.  For instance….trying to take a photo of Z under a tree this year?  I think I will have to lug her out of her crib under cover of night to achieve!  Christmas evokes many feelings I find. Some happy, some sad, and most of them tinged with such a heavy feeling of nostalgia.  This Christmas will be a different one for my family–the first year my Nanny is in a home and won’t be able to join us. Christmas traditions are so special and seem to remain the same for many many years, maybe that is why it feels so foreign to be doing something new.  For the past 8 years we have had Christmas dinner in Meaford with family friends, and this will be our first year having it in Barrie. We are even hosting this year!  It is exciting when things change, but I have also always been the type of person who digs the familiarity of “well that is just how it has always been”.  Looking at the pictures from last Christmas make me sad in how much has changed (my baby is HUGE now)  but is also helping me see that and now that we have kids nothing will ever remain the same…and I need to start taking joy from that.

December Daily–Dec 2nd


My friend Erin and I had a decidedly Decemberish date for Bux and Books on the 2nd.  Chapters and Starbucks are both very Christmassy at the moment and the combination of a decaf mocha in a red cup, and sparkly pretty things every where really make a gal feel festive.

I like to start my Christmas shopping early, avoid crowds and all that stuff, but there is definitely some Christmas spirit pumped into the air supply of stores when you shop in December.  (Maybe because I was shopping at 8pm and none of the pushy scroogey people were out and about?)  Shopping earlier in the year just feels like shopping, and tends to make me do more shopping. For instance,  that very bag in the above picture contains several gifts for Miss. Z. Gifts she doesn’t really  need since she has no concept of Christmas or Santa or presents.  In fact I could probably just wrap up some tupperware and her Grandmaman’s glasses case and she would be equally delighted. But… that isn’t going to happen!  There was just something so lovely to be wandering the aisles of Chapters with a red cup of Starbucks, picking up a few goodies for some of the people I love.  (I may or may not have also picked up Mindy Kahling’s book for myself as well)

December Daily–December 3rd

Dec 3Last Christmas I had a wee adorable blob of a 2 month old.  I would put her somewhere and she would stay there, content to stare at the lights on my Mums Christmas tree.  I have a video I should share of her just laying under the tree making this hilarious and oh-so-cute noise.  Dec 3rd due to some unforeseen daycare issues I had a found day at home with Z. We cleaned the house (me not her), had naps (her not me) and then went over to visit Nana for a bit in the afternoon.  My Mum and I were laughing as she dug through the pile of to be wrapped gifts (including some for her) and just played with the boxes….and a small bottle of rum that is going into her Dad’s stocking.  Z’s first Christmas we could do everything around her without her noticing, this Christmas she gets into everything, but definitely is not having any surprises ruined as we wrap gifts with her “help”  Next year presents will have to be hidden away, with a lot more sneaking around to start. I am so looking forward to her being excited about Santa, about sneaking to the mall to find the perfect gift for her Dad, tales of reindeer and wise men and snowmen to come…but I will enjoy this Christmas where it will take very little to make all Z’s Christmas dreams come true.