Calming before the storm(ing)


Snuggles for siblings

Our current “child” is needy, high energy and relatively spastic most times.  When it is just G and I at home she calms down and is the snuggle bug we know and love.  When we have visitors? She won’t settle, wants to jump and leap and lick everyone and just get all the attention from all the new people.  It is so overwhelming both for us and for those coming for a visit. We have been making such a huge effort with her lately to calm that wild spirit and get her to just relax.  We want everyone else to get to enjoy her the way we do…a snuggley, tooting, snoring, sweetheart.  Not a wild eyed, jumpy, nibbly, excited tinkler.

 I feel bad because lately she has been hearing a lot of “down, no, off, NO” from us…and yes I realize she is a dog, but she sure has the puppy dog eye look down pat to make us feel bad after we reprimand her.  We both just want her to be a good girl, and not accidentally smother/jump on the baby once that big change happens.  Everyone tells us how quickly the pup becomes second fiddle once a baby arrives, and I can definitely see that happening…I am just hoping we are able to keep working with her over the next two months and tame some of that wild puppy spirit.  I tried explaining to her this morning that she will be spending a LOT of time in the newly fenced in yard if she doesn’t simmer down, at least a little.  I am sure once Gus starts eating some real food, Brooklyn will realize that the baby is her meal ticket (or snack ticket I guess?!) but until then I just sense her getting annoyed that someone else has her parent’s full attention.  (I guess I should say owners?  But it’s hard not to think of her as our fur baby..maybe that is the problem hahaha)


A Boy and his Dog

Brooklyn MirrorWhen we got Brooklyn I really thought she would be our dog. Loving the two of us equally with her whole puppy heart.  This has not so much been the case. She is 100% a Daddy’s girl. It doesn’t matter that I am the one who walks her, and 9 times out of 10 feeds her, if she has her choice between me and G…she is ALL his.  I keep having this vision of Gus and Brooklyn all snuggled up with G and me all alone on the couch. Ha (clearly I have a flair for the dramatic)

This is a picture G sent me the other weekend when he and his girl were out running some errands.  She is just chilling and supervising from her fave perch–front seat of the truck.  Poor thing, I wonder if she knows what craziness is about to be upon her…someone else who will be requiring more of her Dad’s attention.  At least the baby won’t be riding shot gun in the car anytime soon.

If it ain’t one thing it’s anotha

Have you heard the “some days you are the bug, some days you are the windshield” analogy? Well yesterday it  felt like I was having a bug kind of day. Nothing that a good nights sleep last night didn’t fix, but STILL….bad days on Mondays just really suck.
The beginning of my spiral technically started on Saturday when we took Brooklyn into the vet for a check up. What I thought was going to be something really quick and low keyish turned into the vet explaining to me how our sweet babe needs dental work. Now…once upon a time Garret needed dental work and we pretty much made him suck it up for 6 months until we had benefits, but for some reason neither of us feel this is a viable option for our girl. I was explaining the issue to our friend Emma who reminded me of a Simpson’s episode complete with a photo:

This is pretty much exactly how the vet explained it.  The downhill spiral kicked into effect yesterday afternoon when the quote for the dental work came through. And so Miss Brooklyn inherits a new nickname to add to the list “Money Pit” Good thing she is so flipping cute


Well…at least I don’t need orthodontics!

Ways in which Brooklyn is preparing us for parenthood

  1.  Has selective hearing
  2.  Doesn’t know when it is a weekend and sleeping in past 6 would be appropriate
  3.  We have spent the past few months cleaning up her bodily fluids
  4.  We have been in full on worry mode for the past week after her spaying. Everything from her eating, bathroom times, sleeping, and incision site has been thoroughly discussed, worried over, googled etc
  5.  She has more toys than she knows what to do with but her fave items are Garret’s shoes and anything we have left within reach (See here)
  6. Everything we own is covered in a fine layer of dog hair (I hear with babies it’s drool, regurgitated food and unknown sticky substances)
  7.  Whines occasionally for no discernible reason
  8.  Both our iPhones are full of photos of her
  9.  When one of us is away we call to check in on how the fur baby is doing
  10.  We think everything (well mostly) she does is cute and noteworthy (and should be shared/blogged about)
  11.  We talk to her in a cute voice
  12.  We unsuccessfully attempt to reason with her
  13.  We have discussed co sleeping
  14.  She makes noises and keeps us up all night
  15.  We will lay still on the couch when she is napping on us even if we are dying to get up to pee/eat/answer the phone
  16.  She has been my facebook profile pic for the past 4 months
  17.  She toots and we still think it is cute
  18. The grandparents no longer ask how we are doing.  First question is always “How is Brooklyn”
  19. We make playdates for Brooklyn with our friend’s dogs
  20. We hesitate when making plans to ensure B isn’t home alone too long
  21. We miss her when we are away from her for too long
  22. 15 seconds after we want to strangle her for doing something turdy we crazy love her again
  23. We can’t imagine our lives without her!

Urgh how can you not love this smushy little face!

On the mend

Our sweet babe made it through her spaying fine and dandy. She is a bit off but on the whole back to her normal self.  Being the paranoid worrisome people that we are, we didn’t really want to leave her home alone. So we did what any normal dog owner would do…we packed her up and sent her to work with her Dad.  G and I are both pretty lucky that we work with a lot of dog lovers and both our jobs would be  understanding (understanding of us being insane pet owners I guess…)  So he has her sitting under his desk today and I am jealous as anything.  While she is clearly fine and good to be on her own, we are just liking snuggling her extra close and spending some time with her while she heals.  Tonight we have big plans for a couch cuddlefest  and finally watching The Hobbit.  It is our plan to make the dog a big of a nerd as me…next up? A Harry Potter Marathon.  She looks a bit like Dobby so I think she will enjoy.  Hey…remember when my blog was about our house? And now it’s just about our dog? Be forewarned soon it will just be about our baby.

New Blog Idea

Garret and I have been thinking we should start a new blog. We would call it “Things we have pulled out of our dog’s mouth”.  It is an ongoing battle lately with this one, who will disregard all toys on the floor and attempt to make off with anything else she can find.  She has also learned to jump up on our ottoman so all of that is fair game as well.

Items recently retrieved include:

* Apple TV Remote

*Hair Elastic

*Clumps of my hair…apparently there are tumbleweeds of the stuff throughout our house…I swear we vacuum

* Underwear



*Any shoe possible

*Random hunks of wood (still unsure where these come from?!) Definitely blaming G for he brings the construction material into the house

*Brick particles (from the wall G is working on)

*bits of plastic

*Lowes Receipt

* A knife with peanut butter on it that I carelessly left on a plate on the ottoman

*Labels from the bottom of our kitchen chairs…she seems to take great joy in ripping them off the bottom of the seat and tearing them to shreds on the carpet


*ANY stick she can find outside

*A (thankfully empty) poop bag

*Egg carton


*Paint Roller

*mouthfuls of green fluff she pulls off her tennis balls

I am sure over the time we own her this list will be greatly added to. Her favourite thing to grab happens to be G’s favourite shoes.  She always looks so proud of herself as she prances over to us with one hanging out of her mouth.  We have been putting them on the top shelf of the shoe tray but that girl is determined.

3 months old today

Happy 3 month birthday to our sweet Brooklyn/Turd Ferguson.  Even when you are peeing on the floor or trying to eat our shoes we still love you and wouldn’t trade you in..  Thanks for becoming part of the Walsh family and for teaching us (mostly your Dad) patience, floor cleanliness and the general joy of snorty grunty snuggles. Love you fuzz bum!

And now photos of our sweet fur baby

Being Ghetto fabulous in your winter jacket

Being Ghetto fabulous in your winter jacket

Navigating through the streets of Meaford

Navigating through the streets of Meaford

Helping me write wedding thank yous. Signing her approval with a nose print

Helping me write wedding thank yous. Signing her approval with a nose print

Napping...this is when we can relax

Napping…this is when we can relax

Neither of us have really had a dog before so this is a wee bit of a learning curve, but we are really enjoying it.  We have turned into those people who take 5000 iPhone photos of her doing cute things, laugh at her when she snores and makes funny noises and fight over who gets to snuggle with her when she is calm and wanting to cuddle up.  We are loving that she always wants to be near one of us, but we are wondering how cute it will be when she is double her size and still insisting on eating her toys in our lap.