Potentially Inherited the Black Thumb…

….cause it sure ain’t green!  I keep blaming the recent drought and crazy heat we have been having, but I am betting that even if it was ideal growing temperature my garden would still be a hot mess.  Some of the fault lies with G and I really concentrating on some interior house work and wedding planning, but I am finding the areas I did try with (our little tomato stash and various herbs and garlic) are not doing so well.  Our scapes were amazing and made phenomenal pesto, but our garlic crop leaves a lot to be desired.  One of the ladies from my work also planted a bunch in the fall and was telling me how huge and plump her garlic is…sadly mine are little midgie garlics that would be a huge pain in the butt to peel and use.  I even managed to kill our crop of chives (not like I was using that a lot anyway)  but I was just so proud of our garden last year!  It seems that this year is not to be.  But I did just read an article about this lady and it makes me wana get out and GARDEN!  Maybe I will get G to build me some raised boxes and I can plant some stuff in the fall so I have a semi successful crop of something (garlic you will be mastered!) for next year.  I think that I have too many things on my “I wana learn how to…” list, perhaps I should pare down and really focus on the things that will make me the happiest? Because it seems I end up not doing any of the things I want to do because I get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of these things.  This is the year of the wedding and getting our house painted, hardwooded and maybe even extentioned (this is totally a word). Next year I will feed our little family from the fruits of our/G’s labour…I’ll be honest with myself I will definitely be having him do all the digging


Weekend Review

I’m extremely proud of our progress this weekend! We incorporated the correct ratio of work to fun for Sat and Sunday so it worked out!

*Fought a losing battle against the leaves in the back and side yard. We were out there for a few hours, filled up 4 bags and then G mulched a pile. But then this morning I noticed a bunch more had fallen! Urgh…

*switched the light in the kitchen and dining room to dimmers…glorious mood lighting for cooking. I love it

*we took turns yesterday sanding the storm doors and I’m excited to say they are finally (almost) done. We just need to stain ’em and hang ’em back up and we are in business. Next time I’m going to convince G we should just buy doors cause this was a project I HATED. Once they are hung up I’ll post a pic.

*we went to the Brick and bought a new mattress…it is like sleeping in heaven (or somewhere else heavenly) we’ve had an ikea mattress for the past 4 years and while G can easily sleep on a rock, or sitting up etc, my sleeping tastes are a bit more discerning so I’m extremely excited

We also caught up on laundry and made some meals for the week. I love the sense of accomplishment I get when it’s Sunday night and i feel like we are ready to face the week ahead! What did everyone get up to this weekend?

Weekend Plans

Recently I decided that G and I are terrible when it comes to “to-do lists”. We seem to have home improvement ADD, and even though we have a clearly laid out list, we always end up working on something else.   However, I do take such satisfaction from successfully crossing things off a list, so I think I will make one for this weekend anyway

*Finish those stupid storm doors that we started in July (herein lies the ADD….we have started working on these twice, but I think because it is just such an annoying terrible job we kept putting it off. Now it’s nearly winter and time to get those done!)

*Organize our clothes..summer stuff gets banished to bins in the basement and winter stuff rejoins us.  The downside of having a small space is even smaller closet space (I am sure I have commented on this before!) so organization is the only way to go

*Rake the gigantic pile of leaves that have fallen on the yard.  Trees are our best friends in the summer months, however in the fall they are proving to be more of a pain in the butt

*Weather strip the doors

*Clean the windows and window frames (the new pretty blinds deserve better!)

And likely a million other small jobs…let’s see how many we actually can tackle

Sense of Satisfaction

Ok, ok, ok…..there was a lesson I learned while I was in school and I really think I need to apply it to everyday life as well. It goes like this: however long you think a task will take to complete, times it by 2 then add 30 minutes. The things I think I will get done tend to vary from the things that do get done simply due to time constraints…and that pesky sleep habit I have. We managed to get a bunch of stuff done this weekend, but not quite all the things I was hoping to. Since we are both DREADING finishing those doors we keep putting them off and soon it shall be December. Instead we cut the lawn, grocery shopped, cleaned bathrooms, replaced mailbox, updated our house number with some spray paint, hung mirror in downstairs bathroom, filmed part 1 of our engagement video, prepped Kitchen wall for painting, went for dinner with some awesome ladies on Fri and attempted to freezer shop. Oh and we also had a hot date at Boston Pizza. Not bad for a weekend! We learned something too- you can’t just go out and buy a chest freezer…nooooo. You must pick one out, wait around for ages (see pic of Garret from Sunday) only to have them tell you it’s out of stock. So then you drive all over Barrie to hear people tell you the same thing. Urgh!!! Finally found one but we can’t pick it up til thursday–which was problematic as we were to get a big meat delivery Monday. Thankfully we were able to push that back a week! This also taught a valuable lesson about procrastination…as we nearly had 6 months of meat with no where to put it–bad news!
I’ll leave you with a before and after…. Or you could call it the 20 min porch tweak.



Clearly we have a way to go on this porch re do!!!

Kells Garden Centre

We got a wag jag for a deal at a garden center in Innisfil. We headed over this morning to check it out and came home with a bunch of grasses:


We are going to plant them along the fence or front of the house. Add some interest to the front of the house! This picture reminds me that we need to do something with our recycling bins! Not what I want people to see when they look at our porch.

Yet another ongoing job

On Saturday I decided (after a few minutes of feeling guilty in the hammock) that I would start to tackle a job we had been discussing for a while. Stripping!!!!! (not as naked as it sounds) The former owners left us with two exterior screen doors, for the front and kitchen doors. Both of which were covered with chipping,flaking dirty looking paint. We don’t have much of a budget this year to fix up the outside so we want to get the most bang for our buck when it comes to the exterior. The plan is to sand and fix the two aging doors, staining them a nice dark colour which will add some punch to the outside. This will then be followed by a nice new house number and a less rust-bucket of a mailbox. (funny the things I am now most looking forward to in life!)


For once I am happy about the gross sandbox that got left behind because I got to use it as a table for my sanding. As it usually seems to happen when we try to fix things here we soon ran into trouble. The paint on the door had been applied over a layer of varnish and stain so it was taking forever to get down to the wood. That palm sander had my hand feeling numb for the rest of the day! With such little progress and minimal sense of accomplishment i was feeling frustrated. I then took a trip up to Lowes and got some paint stripper, a scraper and a face mask. By the time I got back it was getting too late to tackle further so this shall be a long weekend project. Nothing says I love Canada like scraping paint off a door right? At least I will feel productive as G and his Dad finish building the shed!