Changing Perspective

Garret and I have lived together for over 4 years now, and been dating for close to 5.  We share a bank account, vehicles, a house and now a history. He is my person.

I had wanted to get married, but I really didn’t think that I would feel any different.  Technically we have been living as husband and wife, and would saying our “I dos” change that?  I didn’t think so.  However, the closer we have come to reaching our wedding day I feel the enormity of what we are committing to.  I guess I can’t really explain it because I have felt committed to him all this time, but just somehow, vowing in front of our friends and family that we will love and cherish each other forever just seems to make things a bigger deal.  We have been giggling with each other for the past few weeks, referring to each other as “almost husband” and “almost wife”  Somehow I feel that in 5 days it will be really surreal for us to be “actual husband” and “actual wife”  It has been lovely having such a long engagement, we have got to enjoy this stage together…but it just made our wedding feel so far away. I can honestly say that as I am writing this I feel total disbelief regarding our wedding being in Saturday. Surely it is still a few more months away?  I have to say though that I am really happy that I am feeling more excited about the change that is to take place in our lives. I know that even when he is my husband he will still never do the dishes, and he knows that I will still never pull my hair out of the drain…we know that things won’t change between us, yet in another way everything will change. How awesome.


Not you again

Does everyone remember how traumatized I was by this?  Just to be clear I am still not over it…I can now ad “hyper bug vigilance” to my list of hard skills on my resume.  (very marketable skill in the interior design field let me tell you)

I was feeling a bit stressy the other night and thought I would go upstairs and just have a nice relaxing shower before bed.  Can you tell where this is heading?  I pulled back the curtain and was greeted with this:

“My name is Inigo “the spider” Montoya you killed my father…prepare to die”

So with my well honed fight or flight defences I screamed and G came and killed it.  It’s funny how I can manufacture killing courage when I am home alone, but if Garret is in the house, he is SO going to kill the bugs.  I feel a bit stupid actually that I feel this way, but I am learning to love and accept myself the way I am..scaredy cat genes and all!

Life through my iPhone (end of Aug edition)

Box Seats…Shwalsh’s be ballin

Aug 16th–Jeremy and Ashley got some box seats through a friend so we went to see the American Idol tour when it came through Toronto.  It ended up only being the four of us in the box and we were SPOILED.  I don’t think I have ever had so much fun at a concert.  The music was good, but the really private experience as they over fed and boozed us was amazing. We had some drinks, sushi, veggies, tons of snacks and then ice cream and cookies.  It was a really awesome night and we hope that they fall into some more tickets so we can live it up concert style

I’m just a little bit excited

Aug 24th–in the spring Garret and I bought tickets to see Bruce Springsteen.  I have had a countdown on for ages because I love love love him and was really looking forward to sharing the experience with him. Needless to say he is called The Boss for a reason…the show was amazing and at nearly 4 hours long we really got our money’s worth.  This was my 5th or 6th time seeing him and I had told G how I have never heard him play Dancing in the Dark (my all time favourite song)  we had heard they had played it at most of the other shows for this tour and were hopeful.  As the encore seemed to be starting to wind down without having heard it I was getting a little bummed.  But after Rosalita Bruce said “time to put on your dancing shoes”  I nearly passed out with excitement and G snapped this pic of us. I had that size smile on for the rest of the night

Pants may need to be hemmed just a wee bit

Aug 25th–We headed to Moore’s for some of the guys to sort out their suits. Dods and Taylor are both giants and Jeremy doesn’t seem to have a proportionate shoulder to leg size ratio so they wanted to be sure that their suits fit.  Low and behold, Jer’s pants definitely could use some work!

Family time on the boat

G and our mascot Prince

Chilling with Michele

Late night Webers = G’s dream come true

Aug 25th-26th–we headed up to a family friend’s cottage for some relaxing on the Severn River.  BBQing, swimming and boating made for a really relaxing weekend. It is always so hard to drag ourselves away at the end.  We stayed up until after dinner in the hopes that we could wait out some of the traffic…We left around 8 and G and Dods were beyond excited to note that Weber’s was open until 10:00 on Sunday nights.  They indulged in a second dinner, and G talked the rest of the way home about how excited he was about his burger.  Apparently I ruined our family tradition on our way up on Saturday cause I didnt let them stop, but “tradition shines through Jules” and we were able to get there once over the weekend.

lover of my heart and killer of (my) bugs

Aug 28th– I have written before about bees here and here.  I am not sure if it is a seasonal thing? Or if perhaps they nest somewhere in my attic or something, but once again, we keep finding bees in the house.  They are pretty dopey, but regardless, not a fan of them in my living space.  Garret to the rescue hunting them down and smushing them for me.  He totally rocks that hot pink bug swatter!

Wendy the Magnificent

Garret and I are dogsitting our neighbour’s two dogs for a few days.  One of them ran away last night and we had to spend 1.5 hrs chasing it around the neighbourhood before successfully getting it back in the house.  NOT a fan of that dog.  The other one however…well we both can’t get enough of her.  Her name is Wendy and we have debated stealing her since we moved in.  One day we are going to get one just like her.

Garret bribing her with treats

*needs to be carried downstairs cause her legs are too wee. I love it

100 days til Walsh

My mum just texted me to say the wedding is in 100 days.  I think I have been so caught up with school and the buck and doe plans over the past few weeks I didnt realize it was so soon (sounds silly doesnt it?!)  I guess because we have been engaged for so long that it seemed so far off….and now far off is 100 dayssssssssssss!!!! yay and yikes all at the same time

Our night in the kitchen

Sometimes we will be just hanging out and the Reno mood hits us…or else we get to the point where we can’t stand something a moment longer! We got to that point last night around 930. The mess on the kitchen wall from where we removed the mini bar (we’ll post a pic of what it used to look like was making us crazy. So we pulled the glue off and Garret thought we might as well do a layer of skim coat to smooth things out. (this was my first lesson in skim coating…which I keep referring to as drywalling) Not sure if the neighbour was happy to hear the shop vac going at 10:30pm to clean up all the dust and wall scrapings.

Step 1: Scrape-comment on surprise at G letting me handle such an important task (hahaha)


Step 2:Start to spackle. Mock J for commenting on the pretty pink layer.

Step 3: Teach your lady to spackle and then take a picture of her deep in concentrationStep 4: Wait for spackle to dry, have a beer in the meantime and take another photo


Step 4: Wait for coat to dry. In the meantime drink a beer and take more pictures