Closet-ish things

I am realizing in my haste to post every day I am failing to take good pictures or truly edit some of my posts—note to self: better planning would make for a more successful NaBloPoMo…there is always next year.  I always have my iPhone on me, and during our renovations our Nikon has run out of batteries and I put the charger somewhere safe, where I wouldn’t forget where it is.  So obviously I have no freaking clue where it is. And so you are treated to blurry camera phone pictures of the newest exciting developments in Walsh life….Yesterday my husband (yup still cant stop saying that without smiling) finished building me a closet. Granted it’s the guest room closet, but it is AMAZING regardless.  Current plan is to store perhaps some out of season clothes as well as bedding and other random goodies in here for now.  Garret has an annoying/endearing (?) habit of hanging up ALL 500 (conservative guess) of his T-shirts so perhaps this can be his dedicated T-shirt hanging closet?  We shall see, as for now it is a catchall everything closet as we havent finished the hall closet or our bedroom closet.

In real life it is more exciting and not remotely yellow

Please note the additional shelves for more storage….oooh baby…SO exciting




Finally painting?! Guest Room edition

This is the room where all the random stuff ends up

The above photo is a not so amazing quality shot of our guest room. the cheapy shelving and the book shelf have become catch alls for the random stuff that we seem to accumulate.  (postcard of Che? check!  Garret’s empty cologne bottles? check! Lotto tickets we haven’t cashed in (only free tickets dont get excited)? School supplies that I pray I will never need again? check and check) We have been talking about painting for ages and since we got a jump start doing the downstairs hall (maybe photos tomorrow? I need 16 more photos to get me through the month so I better stretch them out) we got a little more motivated to get going on some other rooms!  The guest room requires the least amount of prep work so it seemed like another good one to get going with!  We keep thinking that it would be really nice to have one completed room that we love–everywhere else we have to find backsplash, wallsconces, or 10 thousand dollars in order to  make the changes we want. So Guest room it is.

this is supposed to illustrate how purple this room is. iPhone fail

I thought I would take some quick pics with my phone this morning so I could show off how super duper purple the guest room is, but as you can see from the above photo, didnt work out as planned.

Closest actual match via Benjamin Moore's "your bedroom looks like Easter" line

Our guest room was the previous owner’s daughters bedroom.  I can see why purple would be cute, but just not for us.  The room will need some TLC in the way of fixing holes from the shelving and from some lighting we removed from the wall (which can be seen in an earlier post) But aside from that it’s go time.   At some point in the next few months we will be putting down nice flooring upstairs.  Bye bye randomly coloured cottagesque floors! It will be awesome to have all of the rooms painted and refreshed so once the floors go down it looks more homey and cozy upstairs.  I think it must be spring fever but suddenly we are in the home fixer upper zone!

Open for Business

The guest/dump everything we have yet to unpack and don’t know where to put room now has a bed!! We had our first sleepover last night where we could offer someone something other than the couch. Look out world the ShWalsh family is getting classy! We now have the space so please come on over for a visit! We obviously won’t be keeping this room as the junk room, but for now it will remain a space containing all odds and sods. It was really nice to be able to set up the bed that Nanny gave us though. Next trip to Meaford we will be bringing back the box spring and frame so by then we hope to have a few more things cleared out. We have three other storage spots that need to be sorted out as well, but many of the things on our to do list hinge on finishing something else on the list (this is making prioritizing difficult as sometimes it seems to be a list that ties itself up in a circle)Fortunately we are both keen to have more useable space so bit by bit we are getting there!