Weekend Report: The learning edition

We had a pretty ram packed weekend but all in all it was quite lovely.  Friday night G, Gus and I went to see Fast and the Furious 6…definitely an Oscar contender for this coming season.  All these movies are pretty ridiculous, but we LOVE going to watch them together, and whenever there was a lot of engine revving (which was clearly a lot in this movie) Gus would wiggle around…perhaps not a fan of loud noises like their Mumma?

Saturday we had our labour and delivery class with a really amazing nurse from Barrie.  We learned a lot, and G asked a lot of questions which made me feel good.  He said that he feels like he understands a lot more about what will be happening now so he is more comfortable with the whole thing.  We have some homework readings to do together so we can be even more prepared, but I feel that we are at least on the same page about how things are going to happen. We had friends up Saturday night for a BBQ and hang out session…they are also expecting and due a month after us so G lovingly explained all the scary stuff to the husband.  He visibly blanched when G explained about an episiotomy . haha (I am so proud he retained all that info!)

Sunday we headed to our newborn care class and again learned a lot.  I think that this made things even more real which is fun. Obviously we both know we are having a baby, but getting detailed info about how to take care of one brought us to a whole new level.  I know that a lot of it will be instinct and we will learn as we go, but I think we both feel a lot more confident now about certain things. We were both frantically taking notes in the “when baby is sick” section of the class.  We were joking about how we will obviously have our doctor on speed dial and be best friends with all the call centre workers at telehealth!    After class we headed to visit my father in law for supper and to pick up Brooklyn.  Clearly I took the cutest picture ever and posted it yesterday!  It is so nice to have her home, we missed that little bum–She has been christened “Bubble Guts” by G’s dad as he was accidentally fattening her up all week…there was a slight miscommunication regarding how much food she gets, and as she indeed is a bubble guts she ate all that he set down for her…so its to weight watchers for the little miss this week.

So all in all a great weekend, we didn’t get to get as much done around the house as we wanted, but we did get to see the fruits of G’s lawn labour from a few weeks ago.  Our lawn wasn’t looking so great after the winter, so about 3 weeks ago G put down some seed in the gross areas and we kind of prayed that the rain would do its job.  Last night we noticed that the areas are starting to fill in nicely! Hurrah…cross one thing off the list!  Our gardens have been so jungle-ish lately they are unbelievable.  Our longer term plan is to dig a few of them out because they are a lot to handle, but fortunately a gardening fairy stopped by last week and took care of two of them for us!   Our lawn has been a never ending attempt to repair project–the previous owners never  mowed it and it was full of crab grass, dandelions and the like.  For the past two summers we have invested in grass seed and fertilizer and are slowly seeing a difference, but man alive what a lot of work…astro turf for the next house!

And now a few random pictures:

A fun pic my Mum sent me on Saturday night of her and my Nanny having a wee drink on her porch!

A fun pic my Mum sent me on Saturday night of her and my Nanny having a wee drink on her porch!

My sister in law got us this which we finally started on the weekend. Then promptly fell over realizing how soon this is!

My sister in law got us this which we finally started on the weekend. Then promptly fell over realizing how soon this is!

FOUND THEM!!!! A random Timmies Kiosk at my work has these...made my day today

FOUND THEM!!!! A random Timmies Kiosk at my work has these…made my day today


5 months down

5 months down and we are:

  • Praying for the end of winter
  • Finally  hanging new dining room lights
  • Hitting the sack really early…Feb is a tiring month
  • Celebrating Garret’s 29th birthday (CAN’T wait til he is in his 30s too)
  • Bundling up to take family style walks with the dog
  • Preparing early for spring cleaning
  • Living weekend to weekend lately
  • Also Celebrating my Mother in law’s big birthday (yesterday!)
  • Shoveling unending piles of snow
  • Excited for the gender reveal of my friends twins–two boys yay!
  • Continuing to enjoy puppy parenthood
  • Planning spring projects
  • Attempting to live under our new budget. boo

January Cure Day 1: Make a list of projects

*I should make a side note that since we are still experiencing some construction related insanity upstairs I think that focusing on the main floor for now would make the biggest impact. Although once the closets are finished boy howdy am I going to nerd out with some serious organization. #nerdalert

Entryway: fix light–new fixture? Fix hole in ceiling,
Dining Room: touch up paint behind the hung mirror, remove the full length mirror, paint the trim on doorway heading into living room, organize and purge items in the buffet.
Living Room: Go through DVDs donate the unwanted ones, finish painting the spaces that were patched, clear off all random paper from the tray on the ottoman
Kitchen: fix hole in ceiling, organize drawers and cupboards, finally choose a backsplash, hang a small shelf over the stove, throw out expired condiments in the fridge, make a list of the food we have in the freezer
Backroom: Make a pile for the outreach and garbage, put hooks up to hang skis, snowshoes etc, make a list of the food we have in the deep freeze
Basement: Hang a corkboard over my craft table, get G to go through his tools, organize my scrapbooking stuff, organize the file cabinet so it can actually be used

“Santa” (cough, Mum, cough) put a really cool note pad in our stocking this year. It has a shopping list on one side and a daily breakdown on the other. It is meant to be used as a weekly meal planning tool, but I think I am going to also use it as an organizational guide. G and I tend to get rather squirrelly when our place is a mess and I want to strive for more zen in 2013.

Memory Keeping and a fair bit o’ cheese

I was thinking today about how much memory keeping is something that has become a habit for me. Something that I like to do and it obviously shows through a lot of my interests: I love to journal and blog,write letters, take photos, scrapbook, instagram etc It is something I have always done. I while back I found a pile of old journals at my Mum’s place and it was interesting to remember some of what I did when I was a lot younger (PS…I was boy crazy at 13 yikes)
It is interesting to me because I feel like if someone asked me what my life was like I would probably describe it as being relatively average, but when I look through my instagram feed or my blog archive I love being able to see all those moments that stand out. The silly, crazy, funny,heartwarming ones that make me realize that my life is more than just average. It is extraordinary. I am working on a new Scrapbooking album called Project Life and it is all about highlighting those special moments and even those mundane once that make your life yours.  There is always the bad stuff that happens, but for right now I have a husband who is so darn handsome I can barely stand it, a wonderful and supportive family/extended family, a beautiful healthy sweet baby nephew, a puppy who already makes me nuts but I couldn’t live without (*see recent vet bill #barf), hilarious and creative friends and a beautiful house that we are making a home (and about a billion other things but let’s keep the list to the essentials) Really cheesy today not sure where this is coming from… but I feel like that little girl in the commercial “I love my hair, I love my Mum, I love my life” It really is great to have hobbies that bring me so much joy as I do them, and can remind me when I search the archives how far we have come.


Sometime in the summer G and I were in the car singing along to the radio–one of our fave pastimes.  “5 long years” by Colin James came on and I sang along to it somewhat absentmindedly thinking…hmmmm it’s our 5 year anniversary this fall…I will post this on Facebook/the blog as my Happy Anniversary tribute. Then I never thought about it again until today.  So I pulled up the Youtube of the song to listen to it and then realized….this is NOT what I thought this song was about at ALL.  I now realize that the story is that they broke up 5 years ago….and he hasn’t seen her loving eyes since then and it’s sad cause he still loves her just the same.  Not quite the smushie lovey vibe I was going for with the whole post.  But 1) it’s funny and 2) it’s a great song, so I am posting it anyway. I also should probably change the words, but “It’s been 5 awesome years and I love you even more”  doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but then again I don’t claim to be a song writer.

Have a listen and a laugh

And now to fill the cheesy love blog quota for the year:

Dearest sweet husband babe/Old Man, (with too many other nicknames to fill out here),
While these have definitely been the best 5 years of my life, the past few months have stood out as two of the best. Becoming your wife has made me so happy as we officially start our family as the Walsh’s. Thank you for being you, and for loving me the way you do. I know with no doubt that we were made for each other and I am thankful every day that we found each other. You drive me absolutely bonkers at times, (and I am sure I do the same) but I would never change it for the world. I look forward to each new milestone we reach…and yes, after this year we can just start celebrating our wedding anniversary and not also our dating one…One less card to buy 😉
I love you to the moon and back,

Your lil Wife /Old Lady (insert other nicknames here)

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction–Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I love that quote…but I do feel that sometimes gazing at each other is just what love needs.

Back to Reality

The past two and a half weeks have flown by. Our wedding was everything we could have wanted and more…and it was probably the fastest day in either of our lives. We had a magical surprise honeymoon and at my mum’s suggestion took off a few extra days this week just to get our heads out of the clouds. I will do a wedding a honeymoon rundown later this week with a few of the roughly 2 million photos that were taken. The day we got back from our honeymoon our beautiful nephew was born. He was due the day before the wedding but just really wanted to hang in there so we didn’t miss anything. Im going to Ok it with my brother first and then will be posting some pictures.

We are definitely still basking in post wedding bliss! G went back to work this morning and I’m home trying to transition our home from summer to fall (I seem to have a ton of dresses but no pants…I recall putting them somewhere in our basement in the spring–the hunt continues) It feels so foreign to be apart today…we have been together everyday for the past while that I find myself lonely today. I thought that I was ready for some time to myself but I think that I just want ONE more day before things go back and our life moves on. Wedded Walsh’s our “real” life now begins.