Fall To-Dos

It seems that my little house blog took a serious turn for wedding rambling for a while there…now that that is over let me enthral you with our upcoming home reno plans:

Since we took such a time out on the house to focus on summer plans, wedding planning and general non house related life stuff, our home to do plans over the next few months are extensive!  We are both big socializers and seem to always have weekend plans, so we decided to make more time during the week to at least push things forward a little. We can easily allot a few hours after work to painting and other house fixing related tasks. We are also going to try to not book both weekend days with plans for a while, so we have some more time to try to accomplish things.  The past year and a bit in the house has taught us one lesson: everything takes twice as long as you think it will!

We finished our dining room a few months ago (except for the lighting) and we take so much satisfaction out of how nice that room looks.  I want that feeling everywhere else in our home.  So….this weekend we are planning to finish painting the living room ceiling and the walls where we removed the crown moulding (Garret has been skim coating and sanding this week so we should be good to go)  He is DYING to start  the brickwork on the one wall, so that might get kicked off as well.  Once the living room is done we are going to (and not necessarily in this order):

1. Put the trim up on the other side of the door in the downstairs washroom

2. Backsplash in the kitchen. We have been putting WAY too much thought into it, we just need to pick something and go with it.

3. Fix the hole in the ceiling in the kitchen that was cut to change out the wiring.  (it is so small that we keep forgetting it’s there, but it would be nice to have that DONE)

4. Paint the staircase and railing.  The top banister requires some serious sanding though, it would appear the previous owner had a beaver who cut his baby teeth on the fop railing.

5. Put a runner down the stairs

6. New light fixture and fix ceiling in entrance hall (maybe this is two separate items?!)

7. Finish painting our room and guest room–we have colours chosen already we just need to get at it

8. Install the new hardwood flooring we bought upstairs (I will be sucking up to my Father in Law tonight to see when he can come help! )

9. Install three new doors upstairs (two bedrooms and the bathroom)  The existing doors are AWFUL.  The guest bedroom door gets stuck all the time, the gap in the bathroom door would be perfect for a peeping tom, and our bedroom door doesn’t even close!

There are a billion and one other items on our list, but I feel like this is hefty enough to keep us going for the fall/winter.  I also need to throw in: organize basement and build closet type fake built ins around our bed, but don’t let me get ahead of myself! One of my girlfriends might be coming to live with us for a few weeks in October so I feel like getting the guest room sorted out might be the top of our priority list.. I will keep you posted on how things go.


Coming up on the To Do list

We have a mega to do list which I’m not going to get into tonight. But one of the things near the top for me is lighting. We inherited some really ugly wall sconces with this house. Now that we are finally getting around to painting and getting our living room in order I really want to get our lighting a little more funky. Harrison is on the case and hunting for something eclectic we can replace these with:


I had to open my big mouth…

Saturday evening we had our friend Regan over to help us install the ceiling fan in the living room (that had been sitting in a box since August!) It went pretty smoothly and looks awesome–I’d throw in a picture but I updated my phone since then and deleted all my pics oops!
Garret was manning the BBQ so I mentioned to Regan he could help me change the light out in the kitchen….you know, quick project while G finished dinner. He said “that will be a quick job no worries” he moved the ladder and got to work! About 3 minutes later he said that he had spoken too soon….and my heart sank. I have come to realize that no job in our house is a quick one! Turns out that the wires were super old and crappy and he wasn’t comfortable hooking the light up to them. After freaking me out that he’d have to cut a giant hole in my wall and ceiling Regan and G did some sleuthing and made it work with just one small hole. Phew! I’m realizing that no matter how small/fast we think a job will be, we need to be sure to leave tons of time to do it.
I’ll put up a pic of the new light later–I’m really happy with it (thankfully!!)

Quick jobs are never quick

As I mentioned a few posts back, my cousins gave G and I a West Elm gift card (aka heaven in plastic form) as a housewarming present.  We spent AGES trying to decide what we wanted and we finally ended up buying these lights to put in our dining room:

pretty snazzy light fixture

We got three of them which are going to look fantastic hanging over our table and will definitely be a welcome change from the Ikea track lighting that is currently there.  The problem we are having is with the lighting plate.
This is what each of the three lights came with:

Cover Piece

What we want is one of those with three holes in it to hang the three lights.  The man at West Elm assured us that we could buy that easily and we would be off to the races with our light….not so much.  Yesterday we finally got around to dealing with this and skipped off to Lowes to buy the piece so we could hang out light.  No luck there. Then we headed to Rona, and found out that this isn’t something that the average store sells.  (hurrah!/also SUCH our luck)  The lighting department guy was trying to tell us we needed to buy a whole new light fixture (for instance a pendant with three hanging lights) and just replace with ours.  So this tiny easy to buy cover piece is starting to seem like it will cost us $100!  Which is crazy!!!! So we are going to google some specialized lighting places in Barrie in the hopes that a store like that might sell them.  Because it seems crazy to me that we would need to buy a whole new lightfixture when all we want is the plate part!