UFOs and getting ’em done!

I have a somewhat endearing (at least in my eyes) habit. I collect crafts.  I love ALL things crafty and really do not have enough free time to complete all the projects I would like to.  I am trying to be a more financially responsible crafter in 2015 so I have committed to not starting any new projects and actually finishing the ones I have begun. (this has sort of worked…I cannot tell a lie–I have bought some more scrapbooking items, but really, they are for ALL ongoing scrapbook projects so that doesn’t count!)

I have made a list so hopefully by December I can cross off some more completed projects (leaving time for me to start various new projects)

  1. T-Shirt quilt–this was started when I was pregnant, recently brought out again at my Mum’s house. Status: needs backing, and binding
  2. My bridal shower quilt. Guests all brought purple fabric and I am going to make a lap quilt out of this.  Status: pattern bought,  squares have been cut out, need to assemble the top, then purchase fabric for the back and binding
  3. Garret’s hat…I started knitting this after finishing one in February. Currently the ribbing and half of the hat has been knit.  Need to get back at this…current status: on needles in a bag at work
  4. Cross stitch for a friend. Found an adorable pattern several years ago that I started making on a whim for a friend.  Got put away in cupboard and forgotten about. Status: needs outline stitching then is complete….could do in a night!
  5. 2014 Project Life album. Status: nearly complete.  Have sticky notes in it currently re what photos and notes need to be added to be completed.  Again, could do this in an evening
  6. 2015 Project Life album. This will be ongoing as it is every year. Currently 3 months behind. Recently had some photos printed so I just need to spend some time playing with it.
  7. Zoë’s baby book….ok ok, this might be a little behind. This is to highlight her first year and milestones and yeah she may be turning two in 4 months but I still have time to finish this in a timely manner….preferably before I have another baby…so lots of time! Status: have notes on what pics to print and where things are that must be included…again just need to spend some time on it
  8. Wedding album…well we are coming up to our third anniversary this fall, might be a good time to start and or dream of finishing something like that.
  9. I haven’t started my 2015 Week in the Life project (taking place this year in August) but that will have to be tacked on once that starts!

I think that there are likely 5-7 other ones I am forgetting…this list seems doable! ish.


2015?! BRING IT ON

Happy New YearPresenting a little bit of NYE canoodling Walsh style. This year our festivities were kind of last minute plans, but included a low key evening with friends while miss Z was being babysat by Nana.  Food and some bevies, lots of talk about playing games that never really materialized and despite our best intentions, much chatter about kids.  Lovely night.  New Years Day included a sleep in on our part, Garret making breakfast while I went to pick up Z, and then pretty much a pajama clad rest of the day.  We played with lego, attempted to snuggle with our non snuggly Z, tidied up and enjoyed a lazy low key day.   I may have had a mimosa (or two), but who is counting?

2014 was the first year since we started dating that we didn’t have a monumental life change: moving in together | buying a  house | planning a wedding |  having a baby…we kind of coasted as we figured out how to keep our daughter alive while maintaining our sanity and not killing each other. Goal for 2014? Successfully met!  We have lofty goals for 2015.  This year we have more goals for fixing up our home, and are working out a more concrete/realistic financial plan. I think often we start the year saying “we should work on the house, we should think about a budget” This year we have actually sat down with each other and thought about specific tasks for the home, filled in a budget and are taking steps to actually implement it.  We have realized that just saying “we should spend less money” does not really count as being on a budget.  The best part about early January is the hopeful, full of intention, gung ho feelings that come with the promise of a new year…I realize that we are the same people from Dec 31st to Jan 1st, but something about the clock striking midnight provides the blank slate.  Our glass slipper, fairy godmother magic do-over….and this year we wana do it right.

Main Walsh Family Goals of 2015: (to be detailed further in another post) *Working on the house *staying on a budget *Less (phone) screen time *Organization in life, work, home, hobbies and my fave *Plan making…instead of saying “we should do X sometime” I want to say “Hey! Let’s try X Wednesday afternoon” Hands into the huddle….aaaand GO TEAM WALSH!

12 months down

12 months down and we are: (forgetting to publish posts oops)

  • Waiting for Gus to decide to arrive
  • Cleaning random parts of the house
  • Setting up all baby related items, pack and play, car seat etc
  • Finally settling on some boy names
  • Changing our bedding over from quilts to duvets…sure sign of fall
  • Attempting to act like we have some idea about what is to come
  • Reflecting on just what we were doing this time last year
  • Napping (B and I)
  • Crafting some last minute scrapbooking stuff cause I keep hearing I will never get to do it again!
  • Missing my friends from work. I do really enjoy being home, but I miss what has been my day to day routine for the past 3 years
  • Not missing my long ass daily commute to Toronto
  • Fielding phone calls, emails, texts and FB messages asking if the babe is here yet
  • Enjoying our last few moments together as our little family of three

11 months down

11 months down and we are:

  • Swelling  in the foot and hand region…(only one of us actually.)  Wedding ring is replaced with a band that was my Nanny’s and shoes are now Garret’s flip flops
  • Worrying about what is to come.  We are both excited but also somewhat nervous. We have late night convos about the upcoming months as we lay awake at night
  • Nesting which just hasn’t seemed to stop. Nursery is nearly complete, and we have a list of to dos on the chalkboard wall that we want to accomplish before the babe comes
  • Enjoying that Brooklyn is slowly but surely calming down
  • Wrapping up my work.  Trying to get everything lined up to pass off to my friend and colleague who is taking over my position
  • Watching Orange is the New Black and The Killing.  Both phenomenal shows c/o Netfliks
  • Reminiscing about a year ago….being so excited with the month countdown to our wedding
  • Shopping for the last few baby items we need

9 months down

9 months down and we are:

  • Preemptively catching up on our sleep. (well some of us more than others):
Sleeping "beauts"

Sleeping “beauts”

  • Panicking ok this is clearly  more me than G. He is remaining strangely, uncharacteristically calm
  • Watching my stomach flip around as Gus moves and grooves
  • Browsing online and in stores for the perfect adorable nursery items.  We aren’t going overboard but man do I want to have a cute room all ready for Gus-so far we have a crib, my Mum is re purposing an old dresser for a change table and we have a hand me down glider….just need the cute decor stuff now
  • Preparing Brooklyn for her role as a less spazzy big sister.  This is a job and a half with that crazy dog.
  • Spending time together in the hammock, laughing, dreaming and swatting mosquitos
  • Marveling at my ever expanding belly. Each day I wake up and it seems larger (aaand I still have three months of growth to go!)
  • Putting our maternity leave budget into place. Eye opening to say the least
  • Craving Ice cream like its my job.  Too bad (or too good) that Kawartha Dairy is just down the street from us…..
  • Nesting. Plus side is our house is finally starting to be more organized. Just in time for an infant sized bomb to hit it.

So THESE are hormones Part 2

Alternate post title:  Things I have cried about thus far while pregnant (part 2)

  1. When Brooklyn was with my father in law for a week and I just missed her smooshy face oh so much
  2. When we went to pick up our Storm Doors (on sale no less) only to be told that while the flyer neglected to mention it, the dark colour that we wanted would be an extra $200/door.  Insane bawling the whole way home. Garret’s attempt at comfort “the baby won’t know we don’t have new storm doors….I love you… want a popsicle/frosty/sandwich”
  3. The morning after as I remembered a dream of Garret leaving me for some imaginary lady and being mean. oooh pregnancy dreams can be brutal
  4. When we got Brooklyn back and she peed in the house one time so I started panicking and crying (thankfully this was just once)
  5. When my peanut butter cookies I made as a surprise for G looked like a bar instead of like cookies (still tasted awesome so all was fine)

I usually run pretty high on the emotional scale.  To quote Kristen Bell on Ellen “if I am not between a 3-7 I am crying”  But to be honest this whole pregnancy thing is really throwing me for a loop.  I feel my eyes welling up at completely ridiculous times (see #2–I had to rush out of Lowes and wait in the car due to utter devastation re storm doors) Luckily G is really good at making me laugh about it without feeling like he is laughing at me.  However I feel badly subjecting him to so many tears and then me feeling pretty idiotic when explaining I am crying because I made him delicious things that just don’t look enough like cookies.

To be continued over the next 4 months I am sure

8 months down

8 months down and we are:

  • Slowly working our way through our to do list (I think because I told G we could look at getting a new TV when it was done…I have never seen him this motivated!)
  • Worrying about our sick pup…thankfully she seems to be on the mend, but wooo what a scare the other night
  • Nesting (ok this is pretty much just me, but G is dealing with the fallout…lucky guy)
  • Organizing our living space as much as possible. This may fall under “nesting” but we are really working to find a place for everything and remember when done with said thing to put it back in that place
  • Preparing for our labour and delivery course next weekend.  G is working on being mentally prepared to watch a birth and learn “all the gross stuff” that will be happening.  Poor guy is in for quite a shock
  • Waiting for Gus’ kicks and moves to be felt from the outside.  I LOVE that I am feeling the starts of kicks and moves, but I cant wait for G and others to be able to feel from the outside
  • Expanding around the middle (mostly just me)  this also leads to:
  • Realizing  that this is actually happening
  • Spending some time outdoors…loving the summer weather that is coming (finally)