Crafts for Christmas–update

I finished my first knitting craft project (hurrah!)  I gave it to Nanny early because she needed a hat and I needed to see if it would fit her. It did and she loves it…mostly loves it just because I made it, but I think the colors are really fun and look great with her black coat.

The Nanster modeling this season’s newest trend: handmade multi-coloured hats….get them now while you still can

My goal of another hat and infinity scarf are slightly behind schedule.  My main knitting time has been lunch hour at work and I have forgotten it at home Mon-Wed this week.  I know what I am doing now so I could technically work on it at home, however I know that Brooklyn will be very interested in wool.  I was trying to scrapbook last night and she was very contentedly sitting with Garret until I started doing something and she wanted to “help”  I now have teeth marks in my Breaking Dawn ticket stub I was trying to glue down.  Perhaps she is a puppy crafter like her mumma?

My plan is to try to get on top of the knitting in the next few weeks and see how it goes. I dont want to rush it because nothing is more frustrating than realizing you have messed up a row of knitting and you have to undo a bunch…I am speaking from experience as I had to do that with both the hat and the scarf.    In the meantime craft wise I have a December daily scrapbook project I am working on and I am DYING to get my quilt started.  One thing at a time right?  My usual modus operandi is to have 15 different crafts on the go at one time and then inevitably none of them get finished in a timely manner.  My Mum and I just finished a baby quilt for one of our God daughters that took a good 6 months from when she was born.  So tack on the 9 months Erin was pregnant and I knew a baby was coming….that’s a lot of lead time!



My brothers and I have a lot of nicknames for our Nanny. Super nanny, The Nanster, Nanny Panny, and several others. Today I picked her up at my aunt and uncles and took her back to her house. When we were about to head out I asked her if she was looking forward to going home.


I think that was a yes!

(I forgot to post a pic yesterday which killed my march photo posting streak…boooo. But I was somewhat up to my ears in homework so I thought this nanny pic today makes up for it!)

Thumbs up

My brother is notorious for giving the thumbs up to everything in photos….be It movie tickets or his Wendy’s burger. The other afternoon I introduced Nanny to Palm Bay and had her pose for a picture we could send to Taylor:


I should have got an “after” shot as well… She did not so much like the smooth smooth taste of palm bay, and she traded it in for a bud light lime instead!