My dream stairs

Disclaimer: these are not our stairs…but I wish they were.



Sense of Satisfaction

Ok, ok, ok…..there was a lesson I learned while I was in school and I really think I need to apply it to everyday life as well. It goes like this: however long you think a task will take to complete, times it by 2 then add 30 minutes. The things I think I will get done tend to vary from the things that do get done simply due to time constraints…and that pesky sleep habit I have. We managed to get a bunch of stuff done this weekend, but not quite all the things I was hoping to. Since we are both DREADING finishing those doors we keep putting them off and soon it shall be December. Instead we cut the lawn, grocery shopped, cleaned bathrooms, replaced mailbox, updated our house number with some spray paint, hung mirror in downstairs bathroom, filmed part 1 of our engagement video, prepped Kitchen wall for painting, went for dinner with some awesome ladies on Fri and attempted to freezer shop. Oh and we also had a hot date at Boston Pizza. Not bad for a weekend! We learned something too- you can’t just go out and buy a chest freezer…nooooo. You must pick one out, wait around for ages (see pic of Garret from Sunday) only to have them tell you it’s out of stock. So then you drive all over Barrie to hear people tell you the same thing. Urgh!!! Finally found one but we can’t pick it up til thursday–which was problematic as we were to get a big meat delivery Monday. Thankfully we were able to push that back a week! This also taught a valuable lesson about procrastination…as we nearly had 6 months of meat with no where to put it–bad news!
I’ll leave you with a before and after…. Or you could call it the 20 min porch tweak.



Clearly we have a way to go on this porch re do!!!