Purple Teeth and no more Closet

Saturday we went down to Niagara to celebrate some 30th birthdays.  Excellent time!  The only downside to visiting many wineries in one afternoon is that it is hard to stay awake past supper.

Slighting boozy smiles with Ashley on the bus

My prince Charming and his wine filled glass slipper

We went to 6 wineries and had yummy tastings at each one.  G and I bought a few bottles to put in our wine cellar/basement…we laugh because we always have lofty plans of having a bit of a collection, but then the wine mood hits and we break into our stash and that is the end of that.  We managed to rally and make it out for supper, but by the time the gang was heading out to the bar we were both so full of food ready for bed. The Walsh’s are a fan of sleep!  Sunday morning we had breakfast with the gang and headed back home to do some work on the house.

Kevin had stayed over on Saturday and finished laying the flooring down in our bedroom.  One step closer to a finished space!  We had also discussed making the linen closet a bit smaller to allow for a bigger nook in our walk in closet.  So we came home to:

a wee doorway for small dogs and house elves to enter our closet

G demonstrating the door way

Kevin had started cutting it out so he could put flooring all the way through. Glorious, Glorious flooring! Last night G cut out the rest of the wall.  We will be moving the wall back a foot, and then I think building some sort of shelving in the closet for…you guessed it! More storage!  We also spent some quality time at Rona trying to pick out a colour for our bedroom. Originally the plan was white, but then we noticed that there are approximately 200 different shades of white (a less exciting version of 50 shades of Grey perhaps?) The choice ended up being “Risotto” which is a lightly more cream/taupe colour.  As of late we have been pretty pumped with our spur of the moment paint choices so I am hoping that this also works out so well.  Garret has one of his flex days today so he is at home working today…very excited to see what I get to come home to! I love having such a handy hubby. (*side note, first time I have said hubby HA)


Finally painting?! Guest Room edition

This is the room where all the random stuff ends up

The above photo is a not so amazing quality shot of our guest room. the cheapy shelving and the book shelf have become catch alls for the random stuff that we seem to accumulate.  (postcard of Che? check!  Garret’s empty cologne bottles? check! Lotto tickets we haven’t cashed in (only free tickets dont get excited)? School supplies that I pray I will never need again? check and check) We have been talking about painting for ages and since we got a jump start doing the downstairs hall (maybe photos tomorrow? I need 16 more photos to get me through the month so I better stretch them out) we got a little more motivated to get going on some other rooms!  The guest room requires the least amount of prep work so it seemed like another good one to get going with!  We keep thinking that it would be really nice to have one completed room that we love–everywhere else we have to find backsplash, wallsconces, or 10 thousand dollars in order to  make the changes we want. So Guest room it is.

this is supposed to illustrate how purple this room is. iPhone fail

I thought I would take some quick pics with my phone this morning so I could show off how super duper purple the guest room is, but as you can see from the above photo, didnt work out as planned.

Closest actual match via Benjamin Moore's "your bedroom looks like Easter" line

Our guest room was the previous owner’s daughters bedroom.  I can see why purple would be cute, but just not for us.  The room will need some TLC in the way of fixing holes from the shelving and from some lighting we removed from the wall (which can be seen in an earlier post) But aside from that it’s go time.   At some point in the next few months we will be putting down nice flooring upstairs.  Bye bye randomly coloured cottagesque floors! It will be awesome to have all of the rooms painted and refreshed so once the floors go down it looks more homey and cozy upstairs.  I think it must be spring fever but suddenly we are in the home fixer upper zone!

Nearly Ta-done

Phase 1 of Shwalsh kitchen renovation is complete! Last night G pulled a feat of strength and got the fridge out of the way. (I didn’t take a photo of what we found when we moved the fridge…but it was several years of dirt–belch) So we now have a fancy black chalkboard wall in our kitchen which we LOVE.



Granted this would look more impressive if id waited til the fridge was put back to take the pic…or if I used our good camera and not my phone. But still…you get the jist. Now we just need to agree on a backsplash and change the lighting (we scored a sweet track/directional light from my mum), floor mat for the door….then I think we could call it quits in here. Oh…and a pot rack, I’ve got my shopping goggles on for just the right one. Then kitchen is done! And we will rock, paper, scissors to see if our bedroom or the front hall is the next project.

Yet another ongoing job

On Saturday I decided (after a few minutes of feeling guilty in the hammock) that I would start to tackle a job we had been discussing for a while. Stripping!!!!! (not as naked as it sounds) The former owners left us with two exterior screen doors, for the front and kitchen doors. Both of which were covered with chipping,flaking dirty looking paint. We don’t have much of a budget this year to fix up the outside so we want to get the most bang for our buck when it comes to the exterior. The plan is to sand and fix the two aging doors, staining them a nice dark colour which will add some punch to the outside. This will then be followed by a nice new house number and a less rust-bucket of a mailbox. (funny the things I am now most looking forward to in life!)


For once I am happy about the gross sandbox that got left behind because I got to use it as a table for my sanding. As it usually seems to happen when we try to fix things here we soon ran into trouble. The paint on the door had been applied over a layer of varnish and stain so it was taking forever to get down to the wood. That palm sander had my hand feeling numb for the rest of the day! With such little progress and minimal sense of accomplishment i was feeling frustrated. I then took a trip up to Lowes and got some paint stripper, a scraper and a face mask. By the time I got back it was getting too late to tackle further so this shall be a long weekend project. Nothing says I love Canada like scraping paint off a door right? At least I will feel productive as G and his Dad finish building the shed!