October FLEW by!  (really interesting sentence to lead with huh?)  But really, I can’t believe we are at this point in the year already, it will be Christmas soon…scary stuff!  I think because we were so focused on September 22nd for such a long time, it seems foreign to now be looking ahead to other exciting events. (of which I am thinking we have lots!)

Last night we did not do a big night of reno work.  It was Halloween so we had to go celebrate with the cute little ones in our lives.

This one didn’t quite make it out Trick or Treating

We made it out with a really scary lion for a few houses and even in the rain it was so much fun

I think the umbrella was her favourite part!

I couldn’t manage to get a picture of the front of her outfit, but believe me she was the cutest lion out there.  I haven’t been trick or treating in about 15 + years so it was really fun to remember the excitement of the night!  Molly was the most polite trick or treater too, telling the other little girls that they looked “beeeeeeeeuuuutiful” and always saying thank you. She was NOT liking the “scary boys” in the Scream masks but other than that I think she had a great night.  Her Daddy stole her chips, Uncle Garret was stealing some chocolates and Auntie Julia was delighted to find a small package of Nibs…it’s surprising that she made it home with any loot.

Our next stop was to visit Elliott and Ashley and their little monkey:

All tuckered out on his first Halloween

We had some snuggles and took some photos and G found a new snuggle buddy… (I think I’m being replaced)


Buster had no interest in getting out of there!

When we got home G did the first coat on our bedroom. We weren’t too sure about the colour but once it was done we were really happy with it

Me: “Hey babe are those your good jeans”? G: “umm hey look over there “…trails off and quickly changes the subject. This is an ongoing discussion as he has about 40 work outfits, and yet every time he is doing something I catch him in nice clothes! Oh well at least it looks nice in photos 🙂

finished walls and one really dusty set of blinds!

I really need to learn how to take more colour true photos of things like this so I can show off what colour things really are.

He has worked so hard over the past few weeks and I just can’t believe the difference in our home  Last night was our last couch sleepover as tonight after he paints the trim the bed is moving back in! To finish this project we still have to figure out the built ins to go over our bed, and rework the closet, but once the bed is in we can get dressers back and start purging and cleaning and organizing (my favourite fall project)


Weekend was wonderful

We had a great weekend this past weekend and finally got out of our slump! G has been so busy at work the past while that the last thing he feels like doing at home is more construction! Friday night we went out for dinner and to the Leafs game (which they lost…but anyway…) It felt so nice to be out on a date and recharge our batteries I guess you could say. See us in our matchy jerseys (also note this is the only time g has allowed us out in public looking remotely similar)


Then Sat and Sunday we did some cleaning as we were having all the neighbors in for a back yard BBQ on Sunday.( we decided we need to have guests every week it really makes us power tidy) So the back yard is just about ready for Fall and we had a blast getting to know our neighbours better.

This is Wendy our next door neighbour’s dog. We LOVE her and hope to get one of her sisters or brothers some day. She was the guest of honor at the BBQ and loved snuggling. After everyone left and we had tidied up we thought we should start to tackle something we had been talking about forever—the chalkboard wall. We had taped it off probably a month ago so what was holding us back!? So I’m attaching some photos of the progression:





We are really happy with how it looks but we need to do another coat with the roller to smooth things out. Maybe this time G will let me paint…..?