Day in the Life: May 12th Edition

I decided to partake in Ali Edward’s DITL challenge this past Tuesday.  I documented a day in our lives in February before I took her class, so this was not my first rodeo.  I must say however, it took a lot more intention this time as I was at work, and with all the insanity that is my end of day I seemed to really trail off.  I felt like now that I had done this a few times, I would be more on top of things, but I really wasn’t!  I am looking forward to her next week in the life play along, so I can see if I can capture more of our every day than I did this time around.20150512_061251 20150512_061306::: 4:37am–So this is how we are starting our day?  At least I have something adorable to take a photo of. ” Maaaamaaaaaa? Mummmmmyyyyyy?!  maaaaamaaaaaa!!!” I hear sounds startling me awake. Why does she never call Daddy in the middle of the night? She is just thirsty and wants a cuddle so we have a little snuggle and I bring her back to bed with me.  How does something so small take up so much room? Garret moves all the way over on his side, promptly falling back asleep, and I am sleeping on a sliver of bed as well.  I don’t think I fall back asleep? Maybe I do?

::: 6am– I shut my alarm off before it can beep, hop over babygate into closet where Brooklyn is sleeping. What to wear what to wear? Curse that I haven’t a) got around to organizing my clothes and b) didn’t put something out the night before.  I get dressed as quickly as possible so that I am ready to go. Run into Z’s room and grab her clothes for the day

:::6:10am–Garret’s alarm goes off, he grumbles and get’s going, where Zo pops right up “MAMA HIIIII!!!!”  Very perky toddler in the early hours.  She insists on opening the gate to let Brooklyn out, and the three ladies tumble downstairs together while G hops in the shower.

20150512_062010:::6:12am–Brooklyn is waiting at the kitchen door by the time Z and I make it to the kitchen. Throw a waffle in the toaster, put some yogurt in a bowl, Z in her highchair and I hightail it to the bathroom20150512_062051:::6:15am–The before shot.  I always wish I had about 20 more mins in the mornings so I could do my hair. Pony tail is my mom hair of choice.  Need some make up to hide these “I woke up at 4:30am bags”

20150512_063828:::6:20am—the after shot. Mama needs some lipstick…and holy crap the morning is flying by and someone is still in her jammies!

20150512_064154:::6:35am–G is out with the dog, Zo has her “moothie” and we are starting the daily “OMG KID LET ME CHANGE YOUR DIAPER AND GET YOU DRESSED” routine.  Lots of my daily anxiety seems to stem from these two  daily out of/into pajama exercises.  She is not too keen on getting into or out of clothes and when we are hustling to get out of the door it makes me insane. Also: tonight we must put that pile of clean laundry away!

20150512_064554   :::6:40am—I manage to get clean diapers and some socks on before she flees to the kitchen to play with her magnets. This is a great keep busy activity for Z lately. My mother in law bought her two sets of magnets and she loves finding the ones I ask for and bringing them to me.  Garret will be back shortly with B and he is going to have to finish getting her dressed.  I get our lunch bags and her daycare bag by the door and try to get at least a onesie on the kid before i leave20150512_065328:::6:52am–EVERY morning I am late these days.  I need to be in the van by 6:50 to get to carpool by 7am.  Doesn’t seem to matter how I swing it I am always late.  There are those organization tricks that I need to be better with from the night before, but some nights I am too lazy and then it bites me in the butt the next day. Clothes need to be out, lunches need to be organized so we can grab and GO.  I need to remind myself when I am tired at night how much those extra few minutes really will help me out in the morning.  No idea where the time goes. mornings are clearly set to time warp Monday to Friday these days.20150512_070927

:::7:08am–Others were late this morning as well so we pull out of carpool lot a bit late.  It always seems that 7am is our intention, but 7:10am seems to be when we can all get our ish together.  Not my week to drive so I doze and chill in the backseat while we fight traffic on the 400.

:::8:10am–I get dropped off at my building and text with my mum for our daily morning check in.  Get to my desk, check some personal emails, my to do list (personal and work) in my day planner and have a look at some blogs before I get down to business at 8:30am


:::9am–Working away but first let me get a work selfie! I am listening to The Fighter and The kid podcast (G listens to this one a lot so I like listening so we can discuss)  Spend the morning catching up on emails, setting some meetings, and organizing my project files. Seems like I am working on a lot right now and am trying to stay on top of things20150512_124133

:::12:09pm–Lunch. My colleague drives me across campus to meet up with Ashley and we head to Ikea. Quick shop and $2 lunch. What a nice way to spend a lunch break.  Couldn’t find the garbage can that I am looking for so will have to go back again. I LOVE Ikea. Makes me feel like I can organize my whole life if I spend enough time and money there20150512_110831 20150512_113613  :::1:15pm–Back at it!  My colleague went to McDonald’s for lunch and brought me a coffee back. Apparently my lack of mojo this morning was noticed. Oh how I love coffee.  I have a chair fitting at 1:30

:::2pm—Head to the coffee room with Edwina for a break.  Get some water since I have had two coffee’s and should really work on my hydration. Day dreaming of home time…seems like a long day.  Think about what to take photos of  and think that I love DITL more when it is a weekend or I am at home…and then kind of forget don’t get another pic until20150512_172959:::5:30pm–making great time tonight on the commute home.  Think about taking a picture as we are close to getting back to carpool.  We made great time tonight. I head to the park near home to meet the fam….it is starting to spit out so Garret didn’t want to walk home with Zo and the pup.

::: I took no pics this evening…and I am thinking it is not a bad thing. The frantic frustrating after work hours are something I don’t want to totally document fully. It might be ok if years later I look back on this time with rose glasses about family togetherness from 5:30-7pm.

:::5:45pm–We feed Zoë.  She isn’t hungry and is saying noooooo at everything we offer her.  Finally settles on a banana and a bowl of goldfish crackers.  Whatever kid as long as you are eating something.

:::6:10pm–Zoë is screaming…for no apparent reason. She isn’t upset just likes to exercise her lungs. It seems to be at a decibel that makes Garret and I want to lose our minds.  G is making us dinner and I am reading the Elmo book to her.  Trying to get her into Jammies and a new diaper and she is HATING it. I have the least amount of patience at this time of night.  I want to be the Mum that always has calming words but at this point I too am hungry and tired and want to holler as well. I  manage to say “indoor voice please”.20150514_092720


:::6:50pm–Things get quiet again.  Our nighttime ritual of saying “night night” to Daddy, and having a family hug are completed.. we grab bunny off the couch and head upstairs for bed. Brooklyn follows and hangs out in her new fave spot. Cuddled up on the rug at the base of the crib…waiting for me to deposit her sister so we can head downstairs together and hang out with Garret. I can hear Garret puttering in the kitchen..hurray he is doing the dishes! I love these nighttime snuggles with Zo right now.  She keeps getting bigger and bigger or else the glider keeps getting smaller….haven’t decided which it is yet.  In these moments as I feel her fall into sleep as we snuggle I hate myself for being impatient with her and promise myself that tomorrow I will dig deeper, breathe longer and tap that well of patience that exists somewhere deep inside me.                                       20150512_201102

:::7:10pm–Brooklyn beats me downstairs and takes up residence on Garret’s lap. G and I fart around on our phones for a while. Instagram for me and some scrapbooking blogs, and Garret is looking at a press conference about  Jon Jones getting the boot from the UFC.  G and I discuss if we want to do a quick workout or just relax…ooooh I want to relax.  He convinces me we should workout which I don’t get a picture of.  We did some sparring in the living room, and I realize that boxing DOES help take out some frustration


:::8:10pm–realize with an annoyed sigh I didn’t take a pic of us so take a pic of the gloves instead.  We cuddle up on the couch with Brooklyn and watch an episode of The Blacklist Season 2.  Zo makes a peep around 8:45pm and we hold our breath, and she seems to settle…phew dodged a bullet there.20150512_214853

20150512_214902  :::9:51pm–Show is over and I catch us both dozing on the couch. I hit the bathroom, do my teeth and so on, trade off with Garret and I head upstairs to bed. Bringing a load of laundry that  we hadn’t got around to putting away like I had said this morning.            20150512_215136 :::9:52pm–Brooklyn has beaten me up the stairs and is quite comfortable snuggled up in the middle of our bed.  I don’t have the heart to banish her to the closet (where we keep her bed)  So I snuggle up

:::10pm–Garret makes it upstairs, also can’t bring himself to kick B out of bed, so the three of us snuggle up chat about the day and fall asleep


Newborn photos

Friend’s of ours gifted us with a newborn photo session from the talented Jennifer Hall as our shower gift. She was amazing and I can’t get over how beautiful the pictures are!  Is it wrong I think my daughter is the most beautiful baby in the universe?  I am not going to show them all here since they are going to be Christmas presents (thanks maternity leave budget) so some should be surprises. But they are just so amazing I have to share some of them:

Zoe-13-BW Zoe-15-BW Zoe-32 Zoe-44-BW

Zoe-55-BWShe was 6 days old in these pictures and it already seems like a lifetime ago!

Expressing Ourselves

When we first found out we were pregnant we had lofty plans for how we would tell our families that we were having a baby.  But then we were way too excited and told them in a pretty straight up “guess who is having a baby”? type of way.  Our Mums lucked out and each got a framed pic of a pregnancy test with the words “Baby Walsh” on the bottom….classy right?  I think our excitement trumped our creativity there.

We tried to make plans  to put a little more effort into it when we told some of our friends…but my graciously turning down wine at Garret’s birthday weekend was enough of a tell for all the guests there.  As we started telling more people we made time to make a few fun things.  Two of our friends are REALLY into the Grumpy Cat Meme so we made this to send:

Grumpy CatMy friend Harrison texted me immediately after laughing saying “I thought you were telling me you are pregnant”  then two seconds later another text “THAT IS YOUR WEDDING RING”  Definitely some good laughs there.

I had been bugging Garret for a few weeks to make something cute we could send to his family to tell them.  I was thinking something along the lines of a picture with one of our favourite Iphone Aps to snazz it up.  He spent some time goofing around with his phone and when he sent me what he made I had to laugh.  Not quite what I had in mind

Ice Cube is obviously delighted for us

Ice Cube is obviously delighted for us

Granted I found this hilarious and so did several of our other friends, but I am pretty sure none of his family listens to Ice Cube so the novelty would have been lost.