At 3am the universe seems to conspire against me

The most common piece of advice I receive lately is to sleep as much as I can right now.  In theory this is lovely advice, however my body and mind do not seem to heed said advice.  Sometimes they are willing to listen, but it seems as though everything works against me.  Last night I was SO tired.  I crawled into bed before 10 and fell right asleep. Garret and Brooklyn came to bed a bit later but I didn’t even notice.  

Both G and B are not quiet sleepers–they snore, G talks sometimes and they both toss about.  I have Mum ears already so I tend to wake up whenever they are rustling about and I cant fall back asleep. Last night they were snoring in tandem around 230 and I just lay there trying to drown them out with pillows and get back to sleep. After half an hour of plotting both their deaths, I decided to head to the couch instead.  I just got all set up and cozy on the couch when I heard the humidifier beeping in the basement—wouldn’t be able to sleep through that so I went downstairs to unplug.  By the time I got back to the living room, Miss Brooklyn was waiting at the top of the stairs with her tail and whole bum wagging just SO excited to see that one of her people was awake.  Despite me pleading for her to go upstairs to sleep with her Dad, she crawled into my lovely quiet couch bed with me. (Clearly not grasping that she was the one I was trying to escape upstairs)  I realized that I hadn’t turned off the light so had to get back out of bed…upon my return trip I kicked the coffee table and felt like my baby toe exploded.  Pregnancy/tired/hurt rage overtook me and I felt like screaming and throwing something heavy.  Rational self somehow shone through and I got back into the couch only to find that B had taken up residence curled up on my pillow. I managed to move her down so I had some space and miraculously she stopped snoring and I got back to sleep. Until 6am when she nudged me awake just before the alarm went off to inform me she was ready for her morning walk.  Tonight I am locking her upstairs with Garret and staking claim to the entire couch for myself.


How I am feeling lately (vol 3)



Gus is getting bigger and yet my belly hasn’t fully expanded to accommodate this pineapple sized being.   The past week or so I think s/he gets all crammed up and has to do some Pilates type stretching to get comfy…if I look down I can see my whole belly shift and some limb or another start protruding from the left side.  G and I were watching TV  last night (Orange is the New Black, our current obsession) and I had him just sit with his hand on my belly. I think it freaked him out to feel that the gentle rumbles from before have been replaced with flying ninja kicks.  I can actually feel limbs and feet and stuff now…so surreal!  And from time to time it feels like there are two things in there wrestling around for more space


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Calming before the storm(ing)


Snuggles for siblings

Our current “child” is needy, high energy and relatively spastic most times.  When it is just G and I at home she calms down and is the snuggle bug we know and love.  When we have visitors? She won’t settle, wants to jump and leap and lick everyone and just get all the attention from all the new people.  It is so overwhelming both for us and for those coming for a visit. We have been making such a huge effort with her lately to calm that wild spirit and get her to just relax.  We want everyone else to get to enjoy her the way we do…a snuggley, tooting, snoring, sweetheart.  Not a wild eyed, jumpy, nibbly, excited tinkler.

 I feel bad because lately she has been hearing a lot of “down, no, off, NO” from us…and yes I realize she is a dog, but she sure has the puppy dog eye look down pat to make us feel bad after we reprimand her.  We both just want her to be a good girl, and not accidentally smother/jump on the baby once that big change happens.  Everyone tells us how quickly the pup becomes second fiddle once a baby arrives, and I can definitely see that happening…I am just hoping we are able to keep working with her over the next two months and tame some of that wild puppy spirit.  I tried explaining to her this morning that she will be spending a LOT of time in the newly fenced in yard if she doesn’t simmer down, at least a little.  I am sure once Gus starts eating some real food, Brooklyn will realize that the baby is her meal ticket (or snack ticket I guess?!) but until then I just sense her getting annoyed that someone else has her parent’s full attention.  (I guess I should say owners?  But it’s hard not to think of her as our fur baby..maybe that is the problem hahaha)

So THESE are hormones Part 2

Alternate post title:  Things I have cried about thus far while pregnant (part 2)

  1. When Brooklyn was with my father in law for a week and I just missed her smooshy face oh so much
  2. When we went to pick up our Storm Doors (on sale no less) only to be told that while the flyer neglected to mention it, the dark colour that we wanted would be an extra $200/door.  Insane bawling the whole way home. Garret’s attempt at comfort “the baby won’t know we don’t have new storm doors….I love you… want a popsicle/frosty/sandwich”
  3. The morning after as I remembered a dream of Garret leaving me for some imaginary lady and being mean. oooh pregnancy dreams can be brutal
  4. When we got Brooklyn back and she peed in the house one time so I started panicking and crying (thankfully this was just once)
  5. When my peanut butter cookies I made as a surprise for G looked like a bar instead of like cookies (still tasted awesome so all was fine)

I usually run pretty high on the emotional scale.  To quote Kristen Bell on Ellen “if I am not between a 3-7 I am crying”  But to be honest this whole pregnancy thing is really throwing me for a loop.  I feel my eyes welling up at completely ridiculous times (see #2–I had to rush out of Lowes and wait in the car due to utter devastation re storm doors) Luckily G is really good at making me laugh about it without feeling like he is laughing at me.  However I feel badly subjecting him to so many tears and then me feeling pretty idiotic when explaining I am crying because I made him delicious things that just don’t look enough like cookies.

To be continued over the next 4 months I am sure

Ain’t no Pillow like an S Club Pillow

One of pregnancy side effects that has been plaguing me in the past few weeks is the whole lack of sleep issue.  Aside from getting up to go to the bathroom, I (a former back sleeper) have been having difficulty sleeping on my side.  It really bothers my hips and I just cant seem to get comfortable.  My sister in law lent me her wedge pillow which was helping support my belly, but I was still having awful sleeps.  And no one loves/needs a tired/cranky/already hyper emotional lady around at home or the office.

Monday night my Mum and I hit up Babies R Us to have a panic attack/register for all the baby stuff we need. I came across this really neat looking pregnancy pillow that I thought was worth a try. So since Monday night this is how I have been sleeping:

Weird looking but crazy comfy

Weird looking but crazy comfy

Image from this website

It is honestly life changing at this point in my pregnancy, and having a few full nights of sleep under my belt has made me feel like a whole new woman.

G claims that our bed is getting a little crowded and he is slightly jealous that something has taken over his job of being the big spoon. He also says that “Snoogle” is a stupid name so he calls it my S pillow….and because we are super cool it has lead to us making up various songs about my pillow to this classic late 90s tune:

Poor Gus Gus…you aren’t even born yet and you already have to worry about what giant nerds your parents are!

The elusive pregnancy craving

Once upon a time I came across Cherry Timbits at a Tim Horton’s.  They were life changing.  G thought I was making it up until one day we found another Tim’s that also carried them.  Long story short, these timbits are hard to find and most Timmies don’t carry them.  They are ALL I WANT TO EAT lately…and none of the Tim’s near me or work or anywhere reasonable for me to go has them.  Tis a sad sad day for Gus and I, let us move on to a more easily accessible craving choice shall we? please?!

A Fetus By Any Other Name Would Be As Fetusy

    Garret and I decided that we will not be finding out the sex of Baby W. Well to be honest I have waffled a little since our original discussion on the matter but G will not budge. My mostly fake argument of “my body my choice” was met with an “our baby our choice” reply. And thus we are waiting!

One of the downsides of this is that we now get to have “discussions” on both boy and girl names. Apparently I lean towards the hippy choices, and Garret leans towards more boring ones. Somehow he has known (and hated) someone with most of the names I suggest. He also comes up with the most ridiculous nicknames and worries our kids will get teased…I try to explain that kids would not be as creative but he doesnt agree.

Since we won’t have a personal pronoun with which to address said fetus, we have been auditioning nicknames over the past few weeks. (I HATE saying “it” when referring to our soon-to-be-newest family member) G vetoed any variation of fruit or veggie nick names and so we have settled on Gus. Short for Gus Gus
As in this Guy:


I think I can fit one more in here

Gus is making me chubby, a bit brain dead and a huge fan of all things food. Plus G and I have a soft place in our hearts for mice. See here. and Here.