Birthday wishes for Miss B


Dear Brooklyn Springsteen Walsh,

You are 1 today!!! You have brought so much joy into our lives–we never thought that we would love you so much. Thank you for teaching us a lot about patience, parental worry and responsibility. You are snugly, high energy, and occasionally smelly…the perfect fit for our family.
Thank you for being our furry girl,
Love your parents


At 3am the universe seems to conspire against me

The most common piece of advice I receive lately is to sleep as much as I can right now.  In theory this is lovely advice, however my body and mind do not seem to heed said advice.  Sometimes they are willing to listen, but it seems as though everything works against me.  Last night I was SO tired.  I crawled into bed before 10 and fell right asleep. Garret and Brooklyn came to bed a bit later but I didn’t even notice.  

Both G and B are not quiet sleepers–they snore, G talks sometimes and they both toss about.  I have Mum ears already so I tend to wake up whenever they are rustling about and I cant fall back asleep. Last night they were snoring in tandem around 230 and I just lay there trying to drown them out with pillows and get back to sleep. After half an hour of plotting both their deaths, I decided to head to the couch instead.  I just got all set up and cozy on the couch when I heard the humidifier beeping in the basement—wouldn’t be able to sleep through that so I went downstairs to unplug.  By the time I got back to the living room, Miss Brooklyn was waiting at the top of the stairs with her tail and whole bum wagging just SO excited to see that one of her people was awake.  Despite me pleading for her to go upstairs to sleep with her Dad, she crawled into my lovely quiet couch bed with me. (Clearly not grasping that she was the one I was trying to escape upstairs)  I realized that I hadn’t turned off the light so had to get back out of bed…upon my return trip I kicked the coffee table and felt like my baby toe exploded.  Pregnancy/tired/hurt rage overtook me and I felt like screaming and throwing something heavy.  Rational self somehow shone through and I got back into the couch only to find that B had taken up residence curled up on my pillow. I managed to move her down so I had some space and miraculously she stopped snoring and I got back to sleep. Until 6am when she nudged me awake just before the alarm went off to inform me she was ready for her morning walk.  Tonight I am locking her upstairs with Garret and staking claim to the entire couch for myself.

Car naps are the best naps


Car naps are the best naps

We had Brooklyn running around with a family friend’s giant lab this past weekend. As soon as we left and got in the truck, she crawled onto G’s lap and passed out. We were laughing as she got into some ridiculous positions on the way home. We learned in order to tire her out we just need a giant dog to chase her around. So….we are now getting a lab hahaha

Calming before the storm(ing)


Snuggles for siblings

Our current “child” is needy, high energy and relatively spastic most times.  When it is just G and I at home she calms down and is the snuggle bug we know and love.  When we have visitors? She won’t settle, wants to jump and leap and lick everyone and just get all the attention from all the new people.  It is so overwhelming both for us and for those coming for a visit. We have been making such a huge effort with her lately to calm that wild spirit and get her to just relax.  We want everyone else to get to enjoy her the way we do…a snuggley, tooting, snoring, sweetheart.  Not a wild eyed, jumpy, nibbly, excited tinkler.

 I feel bad because lately she has been hearing a lot of “down, no, off, NO” from us…and yes I realize she is a dog, but she sure has the puppy dog eye look down pat to make us feel bad after we reprimand her.  We both just want her to be a good girl, and not accidentally smother/jump on the baby once that big change happens.  Everyone tells us how quickly the pup becomes second fiddle once a baby arrives, and I can definitely see that happening…I am just hoping we are able to keep working with her over the next two months and tame some of that wild puppy spirit.  I tried explaining to her this morning that she will be spending a LOT of time in the newly fenced in yard if she doesn’t simmer down, at least a little.  I am sure once Gus starts eating some real food, Brooklyn will realize that the baby is her meal ticket (or snack ticket I guess?!) but until then I just sense her getting annoyed that someone else has her parent’s full attention.  (I guess I should say owners?  But it’s hard not to think of her as our fur baby..maybe that is the problem hahaha)

A Boy and his Dog

Brooklyn MirrorWhen we got Brooklyn I really thought she would be our dog. Loving the two of us equally with her whole puppy heart.  This has not so much been the case. She is 100% a Daddy’s girl. It doesn’t matter that I am the one who walks her, and 9 times out of 10 feeds her, if she has her choice between me and G…she is ALL his.  I keep having this vision of Gus and Brooklyn all snuggled up with G and me all alone on the couch. Ha (clearly I have a flair for the dramatic)

This is a picture G sent me the other weekend when he and his girl were out running some errands.  She is just chilling and supervising from her fave perch–front seat of the truck.  Poor thing, I wonder if she knows what craziness is about to be upon her…someone else who will be requiring more of her Dad’s attention.  At least the baby won’t be riding shot gun in the car anytime soon.

Weekend Report: The learning edition

We had a pretty ram packed weekend but all in all it was quite lovely.  Friday night G, Gus and I went to see Fast and the Furious 6…definitely an Oscar contender for this coming season.  All these movies are pretty ridiculous, but we LOVE going to watch them together, and whenever there was a lot of engine revving (which was clearly a lot in this movie) Gus would wiggle around…perhaps not a fan of loud noises like their Mumma?

Saturday we had our labour and delivery class with a really amazing nurse from Barrie.  We learned a lot, and G asked a lot of questions which made me feel good.  He said that he feels like he understands a lot more about what will be happening now so he is more comfortable with the whole thing.  We have some homework readings to do together so we can be even more prepared, but I feel that we are at least on the same page about how things are going to happen. We had friends up Saturday night for a BBQ and hang out session…they are also expecting and due a month after us so G lovingly explained all the scary stuff to the husband.  He visibly blanched when G explained about an episiotomy . haha (I am so proud he retained all that info!)

Sunday we headed to our newborn care class and again learned a lot.  I think that this made things even more real which is fun. Obviously we both know we are having a baby, but getting detailed info about how to take care of one brought us to a whole new level.  I know that a lot of it will be instinct and we will learn as we go, but I think we both feel a lot more confident now about certain things. We were both frantically taking notes in the “when baby is sick” section of the class.  We were joking about how we will obviously have our doctor on speed dial and be best friends with all the call centre workers at telehealth!    After class we headed to visit my father in law for supper and to pick up Brooklyn.  Clearly I took the cutest picture ever and posted it yesterday!  It is so nice to have her home, we missed that little bum–She has been christened “Bubble Guts” by G’s dad as he was accidentally fattening her up all week…there was a slight miscommunication regarding how much food she gets, and as she indeed is a bubble guts she ate all that he set down for her…so its to weight watchers for the little miss this week.

So all in all a great weekend, we didn’t get to get as much done around the house as we wanted, but we did get to see the fruits of G’s lawn labour from a few weeks ago.  Our lawn wasn’t looking so great after the winter, so about 3 weeks ago G put down some seed in the gross areas and we kind of prayed that the rain would do its job.  Last night we noticed that the areas are starting to fill in nicely! Hurrah…cross one thing off the list!  Our gardens have been so jungle-ish lately they are unbelievable.  Our longer term plan is to dig a few of them out because they are a lot to handle, but fortunately a gardening fairy stopped by last week and took care of two of them for us!   Our lawn has been a never ending attempt to repair project–the previous owners never  mowed it and it was full of crab grass, dandelions and the like.  For the past two summers we have invested in grass seed and fertilizer and are slowly seeing a difference, but man alive what a lot of work…astro turf for the next house!

And now a few random pictures:

A fun pic my Mum sent me on Saturday night of her and my Nanny having a wee drink on her porch!

A fun pic my Mum sent me on Saturday night of her and my Nanny having a wee drink on her porch!

My sister in law got us this which we finally started on the weekend. Then promptly fell over realizing how soon this is!

My sister in law got us this which we finally started on the weekend. Then promptly fell over realizing how soon this is!

FOUND THEM!!!! A random Timmies Kiosk at my work has these...made my day today

FOUND THEM!!!! A random Timmies Kiosk at my work has these…made my day today

If it ain’t one thing it’s anotha

Have you heard the “some days you are the bug, some days you are the windshield” analogy? Well yesterday it  felt like I was having a bug kind of day. Nothing that a good nights sleep last night didn’t fix, but STILL….bad days on Mondays just really suck.
The beginning of my spiral technically started on Saturday when we took Brooklyn into the vet for a check up. What I thought was going to be something really quick and low keyish turned into the vet explaining to me how our sweet babe needs dental work. Now…once upon a time Garret needed dental work and we pretty much made him suck it up for 6 months until we had benefits, but for some reason neither of us feel this is a viable option for our girl. I was explaining the issue to our friend Emma who reminded me of a Simpson’s episode complete with a photo:

This is pretty much exactly how the vet explained it.  The downhill spiral kicked into effect yesterday afternoon when the quote for the dental work came through. And so Miss Brooklyn inherits a new nickname to add to the list “Money Pit” Good thing she is so flipping cute


Well…at least I don’t need orthodontics!