There are a few noises that rouse me from sleep rather easily. One such sound is toddler feet on hardwood in the middle of the night. Zoë has been in a big girl bed since before Christmas but until recently has never left the safety of her cozy bed in the night. Many nights we awoke at ungodly hours to the cries of “daddy”, or more frequently “mama” but the past four nights I’ve woken up around 4am to see a little girl standing in my doorway clutching her Bunny. She comes crawling in with us, demanding I go get the blanket, waterbottle and dolly she couldn’t carry on her initial journey down the hall. By the time I return she has sprawled out in such a way that seems to negate all of the room typically offered by a King.

Last night I bailed from my marital bed and crawled instead into a purple sheeted empty toddler bed. No one was kicking me in the head nor sleeping on top of me. It was glorious! I think a game of bed swap may be our new nightly thing. I’m beyond caring at this point as long as I get some sleep!


These nights are like a box of chocolates…

Cause you never know what you are gonna get!

I find there are two types of nights Zoë and I seem to have.  1.  Awesome, falling right back to sleep after eating, feeling like long stretches of sleep for us both “omg I am winning at parenting” or 2. OMG child, diaper blowout, cat napping, projectile vomiting, I want to sell you to a roving band of gypsies type.  Last night was a #2 type of night.

 Those nights lead to mornings where I cant seem  to get myself going. Today I can’t even remember if I made breakfast and was barely able to get the two of us out of the house for a 1:30 appointment.  I arrived there and realized I hadn’t brushed my hair.  Lovely!  I know that it will get  easier and she will begin to sleep more and I will become more organized and better at functioning with minimal sleep…but at 3am the upcoming months of sleeping in 2-3 hour bursts stretch out ahead of me as a daunting prospect.    Every few nights she takes pity on me and sleeps for a 5 hour stretch which leads me to wake up feeling as though I could go into battle.  

I realize it has only been a month so I shouldn’t expect any sort of routine, but I tend to thrive on organized, knowing what to expect types of situations…which it would seem no longer exist once you are a parent.  I am trying to focus on how short a period of time this is and that I need to enjoy her being so small. I keep hearing that this year will fly by faster than any other and I don’t want to wish away this special time. Here’s hoping she takes pity on her poor Mummy tonight and has a nice stretch of sleep.  4-5 hours would feel like a lifetime!

Ain’t no Pillow like an S Club Pillow

One of pregnancy side effects that has been plaguing me in the past few weeks is the whole lack of sleep issue.  Aside from getting up to go to the bathroom, I (a former back sleeper) have been having difficulty sleeping on my side.  It really bothers my hips and I just cant seem to get comfortable.  My sister in law lent me her wedge pillow which was helping support my belly, but I was still having awful sleeps.  And no one loves/needs a tired/cranky/already hyper emotional lady around at home or the office.

Monday night my Mum and I hit up Babies R Us to have a panic attack/register for all the baby stuff we need. I came across this really neat looking pregnancy pillow that I thought was worth a try. So since Monday night this is how I have been sleeping:

Weird looking but crazy comfy

Weird looking but crazy comfy

Image from this website

It is honestly life changing at this point in my pregnancy, and having a few full nights of sleep under my belt has made me feel like a whole new woman.

G claims that our bed is getting a little crowded and he is slightly jealous that something has taken over his job of being the big spoon. He also says that “Snoogle” is a stupid name so he calls it my S pillow….and because we are super cool it has lead to us making up various songs about my pillow to this classic late 90s tune:

Poor Gus Gus…you aren’t even born yet and you already have to worry about what giant nerds your parents are!

Pensive nephew

I can’t get over how cute this little guy is! This is how he likes to sleep…makes me think he is pondering the universe while waiting for his next meal. I got to have some serious snuggle time with him on Tuesday night which was awesome. It is just so lovely to have another baby in our lives to love on and practice with. And G loves it because he thinks it will give him more of a reprieve 😉

Pitter patter of little feet

Last week we noticed some tell tale signs that we had some furry guests back in the house.  Likely relatives of Sneakers who we had to encourage  to move out last year.  We put some anti mouse goodies down over the weekend in the hopes that they would get the hint and leave/die.  Yesterday morning we noticed that something had taken all of it and we had a bit of a mixed reaction. Garret and I are both rather large hearted people, so we don’t really like the idea of hurting something, but we aren’t really of the “mice can be trapped and released into the wild” mentality either.  We had a moment of silence for the little critters and G made a joke that he feels bad, like we are killing Fievel.

Fievel Mousekewitz adorable mouse with great pipes.

I found the image here

We established that we don’t want any furry roommates that steal our food and poop in our kitchen so we had to be strong and get rid of them anyway.  We put more stuff down and went to bed.

As I have mentioned before we are sleeping on the couch still while work gets done upstairs. (side note: G finished sealing the floors last night so we can get back to bed sleeping like normal people tonight yay)   Once all the lights were out, G fell asleep in 7 seconds and I lay awake listening to some serious scurrying activities.  Gross.  From the sounds of things they were less Fievel-esque and more like an ROUS:

Rodent of Unusual Size anyone?

It makes me MUCH happier to picture their demise when I think of them looking like this. Although it made it harder for me to fall asleep thinking about these guys running around.