12 months down

12 months down and we are: (forgetting to publish posts oops)

  • Waiting for Gus to decide to arrive
  • Cleaning random parts of the house
  • Setting up all baby related items, pack and play, car seat etc
  • Finally settling on some boy names
  • Changing our bedding over from quilts to duvets…sure sign of fall
  • Attempting to act like we have some idea about what is to come
  • Reflecting on just what we were doing this time last year
  • Napping (B and I)
  • Crafting some last minute scrapbooking stuff cause I keep hearing I will never get to do it again!
  • Missing my friends from work. I do really enjoy being home, but I miss what has been my day to day routine for the past 3 years
  • Not missing my long ass daily commute to Toronto
  • Fielding phone calls, emails, texts and FB messages asking if the babe is here yet
  • Enjoying our last few moments together as our little family of three

11 months down

11 months down and we are:

  • Swelling  in the foot and hand region…(only one of us actually.)  Wedding ring is replaced with a band that was my Nanny’s and shoes are now Garret’s flip flops
  • Worrying about what is to come.  We are both excited but also somewhat nervous. We have late night convos about the upcoming months as we lay awake at night
  • Nesting which just hasn’t seemed to stop. Nursery is nearly complete, and we have a list of to dos on the chalkboard wall that we want to accomplish before the babe comes
  • Enjoying that Brooklyn is slowly but surely calming down
  • Wrapping up my work.  Trying to get everything lined up to pass off to my friend and colleague who is taking over my position
  • Watching Orange is the New Black and The Killing.  Both phenomenal shows c/o Netfliks
  • Reminiscing about a year ago….being so excited with the month countdown to our wedding
  • Shopping for the last few baby items we need

9 months down

9 months down and we are:

  • Preemptively catching up on our sleep. (well some of us more than others):
Sleeping "beauts"

Sleeping “beauts”

  • Panicking ok this is clearly  more me than G. He is remaining strangely, uncharacteristically calm
  • Watching my stomach flip around as Gus moves and grooves
  • Browsing online and in stores for the perfect adorable nursery items.  We aren’t going overboard but man do I want to have a cute room all ready for Gus-so far we have a crib, my Mum is re purposing an old dresser for a change table and we have a hand me down glider….just need the cute decor stuff now
  • Preparing Brooklyn for her role as a less spazzy big sister.  This is a job and a half with that crazy dog.
  • Spending time together in the hammock, laughing, dreaming and swatting mosquitos
  • Marveling at my ever expanding belly. Each day I wake up and it seems larger (aaand I still have three months of growth to go!)
  • Putting our maternity leave budget into place. Eye opening to say the least
  • Craving Ice cream like its my job.  Too bad (or too good) that Kawartha Dairy is just down the street from us…..
  • Nesting. Plus side is our house is finally starting to be more organized. Just in time for an infant sized bomb to hit it.

8 months down

8 months down and we are:

  • Slowly working our way through our to do list (I think because I told G we could look at getting a new TV when it was done…I have never seen him this motivated!)
  • Worrying about our sick pup…thankfully she seems to be on the mend, but wooo what a scare the other night
  • Nesting (ok this is pretty much just me, but G is dealing with the fallout…lucky guy)
  • Organizing our living space as much as possible. This may fall under “nesting” but we are really working to find a place for everything and remember when done with said thing to put it back in that place
  • Preparing for our labour and delivery course next weekend.  G is working on being mentally prepared to watch a birth and learn “all the gross stuff” that will be happening.  Poor guy is in for quite a shock
  • Waiting for Gus’ kicks and moves to be felt from the outside.  I LOVE that I am feeling the starts of kicks and moves, but I cant wait for G and others to be able to feel from the outside
  • Expanding around the middle (mostly just me)  this also leads to:
  • Realizing  that this is actually happening
  • Spending some time outdoors…loving the summer weather that is coming (finally)

7 months down

7 months down and we are:

  • Preparing to launch a full scale attack on the outside of our house
  • Remembering why it is a good idea to rake up ALL the leaves in the fall (our lawn has a few squishy piles left from the fall)
  • Enjoying our time just the two of us, after having one of our friends living with us for 2 months
  • Choosing paint colours for the downstairs bathroom (one small project we decided to undertake)
  • Researching strollers, play pens, breast pumps and the like.  Garret is over the moon with excitement. Obviously.
  • Craving: popsicles, oranges, cheese, avocados and burgers
  • Gathering supplies for the mother of all spring cleaning sessions
  • Realizing that naming a human being is 500 times harder than naming our dog
  • Hopeful that spring really is just around the corner
  • Making a billion lists of things to do, to buy, to make before the fall

6 months down

6 months down and we are:

  • Pregnant weeeeeee!!!
  • Panicking  (just a wee bit see above)
  • Nesting (making room for another person and all their associated items in our small house!)
  • Reading baby name books and realizing how hard it is to name a baby
  • Realizing our tastes in baby names are way different
  • Planning what home related projects are reasonable to attempt in the next 6 months
  • Praying for spring to come soon so we can spend more time outside
  • Having fun finding ways to tell people about the babe
  • Documenting the growth of my (so far still wee) belly
  • Enjoying these last few months of being a family of 2
  • Budgeting ways to survive on decreased income come Oct—any and all suggestions are welcome people who have survived mat leaves!
  • Marveling in the wonder of it all

5 months down

5 months down and we are:

  • Praying for the end of winter
  • Finally  hanging new dining room lights
  • Hitting the sack really early…Feb is a tiring month
  • Celebrating Garret’s 29th birthday (CAN’T wait til he is in his 30s too)
  • Bundling up to take family style walks with the dog
  • Preparing early for spring cleaning
  • Living weekend to weekend lately
  • Also Celebrating my Mother in law’s big birthday (yesterday!)
  • Shoveling unending piles of snow
  • Excited for the gender reveal of my friends twins–two boys yay!
  • Continuing to enjoy puppy parenthood
  • Planning spring projects
  • Attempting to live under our new budget. boo