October FLEW by!  (really interesting sentence to lead with huh?)  But really, I can’t believe we are at this point in the year already, it will be Christmas soon…scary stuff!  I think because we were so focused on September 22nd for such a long time, it seems foreign to now be looking ahead to other exciting events. (of which I am thinking we have lots!)

Last night we did not do a big night of reno work.  It was Halloween so we had to go celebrate with the cute little ones in our lives.

This one didn’t quite make it out Trick or Treating

We made it out with a really scary lion for a few houses and even in the rain it was so much fun

I think the umbrella was her favourite part!

I couldn’t manage to get a picture of the front of her outfit, but believe me she was the cutest lion out there.  I haven’t been trick or treating in about 15 + years so it was really fun to remember the excitement of the night!  Molly was the most polite trick or treater too, telling the other little girls that they looked “beeeeeeeeuuuutiful” and always saying thank you. She was NOT liking the “scary boys” in the Scream masks but other than that I think she had a great night.  Her Daddy stole her chips, Uncle Garret was stealing some chocolates and Auntie Julia was delighted to find a small package of Nibs…it’s surprising that she made it home with any loot.

Our next stop was to visit Elliott and Ashley and their little monkey:

All tuckered out on his first Halloween

We had some snuggles and took some photos and G found a new snuggle buddy… (I think I’m being replaced)


Buster had no interest in getting out of there!

When we got home G did the first coat on our bedroom. We weren’t too sure about the colour but once it was done we were really happy with it

Me: “Hey babe are those your good jeans”? G: “umm hey look over there “…trails off and quickly changes the subject. This is an ongoing discussion as he has about 40 work outfits, and yet every time he is doing something I catch him in nice clothes! Oh well at least it looks nice in photos 🙂

finished walls and one really dusty set of blinds!

I really need to learn how to take more colour true photos of things like this so I can show off what colour things really are.

He has worked so hard over the past few weeks and I just can’t believe the difference in our home  Last night was our last couch sleepover as tonight after he paints the trim the bed is moving back in! To finish this project we still have to figure out the built ins to go over our bed, and rework the closet, but once the bed is in we can get dressers back and start purging and cleaning and organizing (my favourite fall project)


Renovators or Hoarders?

This past weekend all of my upstairs dreams started coming true! Kevin came on Friday and he and G just super duper busted a move on getting stuff done!  His plan of attack was to fully finish one room at a time (flooring, painting, redoing trim etc) so when we were finished we would have a completed upper floor.  This is a great plan because we were able to stop moving some of the stuff from the second floor to the main floor, so we could maintain some living space for the weekend.  They started with the guest room.  I arrived home from work on Friday to hear a magical conversation—“where shall we put the closet”?  As in, they were building a closet. *heavenly chorus of angels singing here*  So the plan evolved from “let’s put down the flooring” to “let’s totally finish the upstairs”.This is something that I thought we would be working on over the winter, but thanks to two very dedicated hard working Walsh men…it looks like it is going to just take a little over a week!  Adding the closet meant that it took a little bit longer than they originally thought to do the spare room, but having a gorgeous built in closet/more storage upstairs really is oh so worth it. Garret put the finishing touches on the room last night (sealing the floor, painting the trim and one more coat of paint on the walls)  and today Kevin is finishing off the inside of the closet.  The satisfaction will be short lived I am sure as now everything from our bedroom has to get moved into the spare room as they start construction on our room this afternoon!  The added bonus is that we get to have more couch sleepovers and watch TV while we fall asleep.  Still novel and fun..let’s see how much longer we enjoy it.

Dining Room

We are trying out for an episode of “Hoarders: The Dining Room edition”

Partly done floors and no closet

Kevin starting the closet framing

Shop Vac’ing off all the dust and wood

Our slightly skewed iPhone representation of our most amazing gorgeous spare room

G has been really good about taking pictures through the process and with the iPhone panorama ap he was able to get a pretty good view of the whole room. Once we get our furniture back in here it I will post another picture.  We got some gorgeous bedding as a wedding gift and it is going to look gorgeous in here with the new paint (and snazzy floor)

*ed note:  I just was rereading as I posted and noticed I said “gorgeous” about 35 times in this post. Cant help it it’s how I feel!

It gets worse before it gets better

At least this is what I keep telling myself. (and getting Garret to reassure me with)  Part of our newlywed motivational push had to do with getting stuff done around the house.  We are pretty rejuvenated; riding on the post wedding/honeymoon high, so we have started really  moving forward with all things homey.  Garret fixed the ceiling and finished taping/drywalling/sanding the area in the living room (yay) and we also finally chose and brought home hardwood flooring for upstairs. My father in law is coming over later this week and our project for the rest of the week and weekend is getting our floor installed and finished.  For those of you who haven’t been to casa de Walsh, the upstairs is pretty tiny.  A small hallway, two smallish bedrooms and the only closet in the house.  The plus side is that we don’t have a lot of space we need to put flooring in, but the down side is we have no shuffle room to put our stuff as we do the floors. So the downstairs of our house looks like the upstairs exploded all over it.  Last night while I made some accidently incredibly spicy soup for dinner, G ripped out a weird shelving unit that the former owners had built into the wall. That has been on the to-do list for over a year, and while it didn’t really take up too much space in the hall way, it really looks nice to have it gone.

Tonight we are going to move our dressers, bedside tables etc. downstairs creating a sort of furnishings gauntlet one must walk through to get from the front door to the kitchen. (If you make it in one piece your reward is dinner!) It will be so worthwhile in the end, but thus far has only created frustration as it has lead Garret to once more notice what a book hoarder he married.(He usually doesn’t notice the stacks I have on the floor on my side of our bed)  Wish us luck as we embark on this task because neither of us tends to function well when our house/life is really chaotic so this could be an interesting weekend!

Shower Shuffle

We can’t quite pinpoint when this occurred, but sometime in the past month or two something funky has been happening with our shower.  No matter what you set the water temperature to be at it shifts quickly between making ice cubes and shooting lava at you.  G and I are often of the mindset that “hummm….maybe if we ignore this issue it will just remedy itself” Especially when we call our hot water on demand supplier and they inform us that it is a $150 service call which may or may not fix the problem.  (urgh) So in our new found frugalness we have just begun to learn how to do the shower shuffle:

1. Turn shower to temp you want, get naked and be ready to leap in at a moments notice

2. Temp where you want it? Hop in and turn shower head to face the wall–soak yourself as fast as possible

3. As it begins to turn to one crazy extreme or the other,  stand at back of shower so you just get mist of it and lather up hair and body

4. When you sense it heading back to more regular temperature,  hop back in and rinse as if your life depends on it

5. Repeat steps 3-4 as needed…a few too many times if I am shaving my legs.

It has been working nicely except it has been so super hot the past few days that trying to have a cool shower before bed involves a lot of waiting through hot water cycles but it works…for now.  How long can we live like this I wonder?  It sort of reminded me of that early 90’s  hot water PSA featuring Tweety Bird “hot water can burn in wess than thwee seconds”  Anyone else remember that?

Finally painting?! Guest Room edition

This is the room where all the random stuff ends up

The above photo is a not so amazing quality shot of our guest room. the cheapy shelving and the book shelf have become catch alls for the random stuff that we seem to accumulate.  (postcard of Che? check!  Garret’s empty cologne bottles? check! Lotto tickets we haven’t cashed in (only free tickets dont get excited)? School supplies that I pray I will never need again? check and check) We have been talking about painting for ages and since we got a jump start doing the downstairs hall (maybe photos tomorrow? I need 16 more photos to get me through the month so I better stretch them out) we got a little more motivated to get going on some other rooms!  The guest room requires the least amount of prep work so it seemed like another good one to get going with!  We keep thinking that it would be really nice to have one completed room that we love–everywhere else we have to find backsplash, wallsconces, or 10 thousand dollars in order to  make the changes we want. So Guest room it is.

this is supposed to illustrate how purple this room is. iPhone fail

I thought I would take some quick pics with my phone this morning so I could show off how super duper purple the guest room is, but as you can see from the above photo, didnt work out as planned.

Closest actual match via Benjamin Moore's "your bedroom looks like Easter" line

Our guest room was the previous owner’s daughters bedroom.  I can see why purple would be cute, but just not for us.  The room will need some TLC in the way of fixing holes from the shelving and from some lighting we removed from the wall (which can be seen in an earlier post) But aside from that it’s go time.   At some point in the next few months we will be putting down nice flooring upstairs.  Bye bye randomly coloured cottagesque floors! It will be awesome to have all of the rooms painted and refreshed so once the floors go down it looks more homey and cozy upstairs.  I think it must be spring fever but suddenly we are in the home fixer upper zone!

Open for Business

The guest/dump everything we have yet to unpack and don’t know where to put room now has a bed!! We had our first sleepover last night where we could offer someone something other than the couch. Look out world the ShWalsh family is getting classy! We now have the space so please come on over for a visit! We obviously won’t be keeping this room as the junk room, but for now it will remain a space containing all odds and sods. It was really nice to be able to set up the bed that Nanny gave us though. Next trip to Meaford we will be bringing back the box spring and frame so by then we hope to have a few more things cleared out. We have three other storage spots that need to be sorted out as well, but many of the things on our to do list hinge on finishing something else on the list (this is making prioritizing difficult as sometimes it seems to be a list that ties itself up in a circle)Fortunately we are both keen to have more useable space so bit by bit we are getting there!