Baby it’s cold outside


Nature has done a little winter decorating on the outside of the house! We have a number of icicles hanging down around our porch which catch the Christmas lights and twinkle.


Winter has come to Barrie

The view from our living room window:

It’s been snowing like crazy all day! Garret got sent home early from work since it wasn’t busy. (yay) So we are currently sitting on the couch drinking tea and watching a documentary. Driveway’s been shoveled, dinner is ready to go in oven, kitchen is clean and so is the rest of the house. It feels so good to be starting off the new year organized! More about New Years and resolutions later. I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year and got to spend it with people they love.

This was our last picture of 2011!

Buzzkill (or the one about the bees)

A few weeks before we went on vacation we found two bees in the house (oh the horror)  They were pretty much in their final death throes so they weren’t all stingy, but I was still not thrilled to have found them in the house. So G disposed of them in that really efficient bug removally way of his.  I didnt really think anything more about our winged friends until we got back from Cuba….and we found about 15 of them, dead, in various locations in our house.  The most distressing one was when I put my boot on this morning, felt something in the toe, tipped it up and a dead bee came out (say it with me now ewwwwwww)   It seems weird to me that we didn’t have any sort of infestation over the summer, but they are crawling out of some hiding spot to die on our floors, or in our shoes (shudder)  Tonight we are going to do a mega vacuum and inspection of the doors, windows and other places they could be coming from.  It’s just so weird.