Dear Sloan at 19 months

Dear Sloan,

We missed month 18 entirely!  Time is flying at the Walsh home. You are teething again, which oftentimes makes the days and nights blur into one long never ending day.  You are so happy and cute, you have started “jumping” which I must capture on video. You bend in half and fling your body as high up as you can. It is very dramatic as you yell “YUMP” and nearly fall over.  You get into EVERYTHING, and I don’t recall being this busy with your sister.  You climb on everything, the doll stroller, the diaper genie, the ottoman.  If you want something you can’t quite reach, you run into the bathroom, drag your stool over to the counter and hop up.  Your problem solving skills will get you far in life.


You have a giant love affair with the Wiggles, (mostly Emma)  you try to sing along  and do the actions. You are loving finding Buddy our Elf each morning.  You and I are usually downstairs first—the early morning crew.  My hand is grabbed and I am dragged around the downstairs on a hunt for Buddy.  My Christmas décor dreams have been brought down a notch or two thanks to you and your destructive nature.  We have lost one ornament due to your excited play, and now the tree is only decorated only above your reach.  You love Books and having stories read to you.  Pages are turned faster than we can possibly keep up and then you declare “all done” and go grab a new one.  Stuffed animals and “guys” are your favourite play items right now. Nana showed you how to smell one of her Christmas candles and you then spent all of last weekend with your whole face in there sniffing.


Daddy says you’re our little meatball…and it’s so true. You will finish your dinner, and then head on over to one of us and demand more bites of whatever we are eating. You are just so flipping cute.  We know those round little cheeks won’t be here for ever so we are enjoying kissing them and pinching them while we can.  You have no idea what all the excitement in the air is right now….Christmas is coming and your sister is vibrating on a higher frequency.  You are picking up on it and flying high yourself.  I cannot wait until the 25th. This year will be chaotic and messy and loud and insane…and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Love you sweet pea.  You complete our family in the cutest, loudest, silliest, stickiest way possible.


Love, Mama



December Daily: Dec 3

Ugly sweater party for the win!  We had some (ok maybe a little too much) holiday cheer on Saturday night with some great friends. Lots of laugh, great food and a few quality bevies.  We had a hard time finding sweaters and G ended up grabbing two from Giant Tiger….in the women’s section.  I am unsure how, but the boys commented on the neck line and he was razzed for the rest of the night for wearing a blouse.  I am thankful for an awesome group of friends who all love to laugh with each other. It was just so nice to dress silly and hang out.  We attempted to take the Canada DD home but due to our location we had to wait 1.5hrs for our ride home. So thankful for my Mum babysitting, and the comfy couch I napped on while waiting.

December Daily: Dec 2




We ventured out post nap for the annual visit with the Big Guy. Sloan gave him a high five (which was beyond cute) and Zoë did  as well after minimal prompting.  She wasn’t as scared this year, but  definitely wanted us in the photo again.  She smiled and told Santa what she wanted “An LOL Doll, a Hatchimal and a monkey thing”  and she told him that Sloan wanted a rocking horse. (First time we heard about the rocking horse!) I love our Santa picture collection, this has quickly become one of my favourite Christmas decor items. I love watching how our family changes one year to the next!

December Daily: Dec 1


December started with a festive bang.  Chocolate Advent Calendars from Papa; and a Tsum Tsum and Crayola one were brought by Buddy!  This was easier last year as I was home on mat leave and we had the time to do the craft each morning…this year we will attempt one each night.  The Tsum Tsum one presented a challenge as it was the first of December and only one toy…we may have opened a few from next weekend when Zoë will be away so that each kiddo had one to play with. Sloan was VERY excited about the morning chocolate and was saying “mo!!! MO!!!” while signing “more”  We have to finish decorating and also get the tree up, but this feels like the first step in feeling Christmassy

Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving weekend was a real mix of weather and emotions.  Sat we had some rain, but got the kids to the park so they could burn off some steam. It was so nice to get out and still walk downtown. Centennial park is open now and I love being right down by the water. Sloan made a bee line several times for the shore but luckily I am faster at running in rain boots than she is! Slide races and “Higher Daddy Higher” swinging, and then home for some dinner.

Sunday we went to the cabin and hung out with the Walsh side.  We went on an adventure walk looking for fairies in the forest, and then took the dock out for a spin.  It was warm enough that the girl’s had their toes in the water! A completely gorgeous day…weather wise that is. Zo was miserable…note our family photo for some very good evidence.  She was so off all day and I was not at my ultimate Mumming capacity.  We left and I felt so frustrated that we brought “that kid” to family dinner.

Tuesday we got a call from the school that she was covered in hives. Seems that she was having a reaction to her chicken pox vaccine, and one of the side effects is a change in disposition.  SO we are writing off a grumpy Thanksgiving to that and aiming higher for Christmas! Onward and upward for moody members of the Walsh crew

Dear Sloan at 17 months

Dear Sloan,

You are 17 months old.  We were at the doctor’s office last week and you weigh 25lbs and are practically perfect in every way.  The doctor didn’t say that last bit, but we all know it’s true. We call you Chicken, goose, turkey…unsure why so many of your current nicknames are poultry related? 

We are currently in a stage where your ability to express yourself hasn’t caught up to your brain development. You often want things and yell incoherently and point…do you want a magnet? A sippy cup? Something from the knife block? It’s hard to tell at this point. You emphatically nod and say “YEAH” when we get it right. And nooooooooooooooo if we missed the mark. 

You are talking so much and occasionally sleeping better.  You seem like such a big girl sometimes I almost can’t breathe as I see minimal signs of the baby you so recently were.  I love your hugs, you wrap your arms around me so tight and nuzzle into my neck. HUG-A…KISS-A…everything has an ‘a’ at the end of it.  Your love of Brooklyn continues to grow. When you are done with your yogurt you will yell BROOK-A  and she will come and happily finish your leftovers.

You and I wake up Zoë each morning. “Deedee” you yell as we climb up the stairs. I lift you into her bed and you crawl up, flop down on top of her and give big squeezes. What a lovely thing to wake up to…smothery love from your baby sister.

We are all so lucky to have you in our family. Smothery love, drooly kisses and belly laughs. You. Are. The. Best

Love you girlie,


Halloween 2017

Halloween was chilly, wet and a total blast. We trick or treated in the Bell’s new neighbourhood and got some great treats. The evening was busy and frantic to get going so I’m officially leaving work early next year to get ready with less craziness. I want to remember Zoë saying “I’m Supergirl!!! If anyone gets hurt I’ll get them a bandaid!” Sloan stayed in the stroller for all of 5 mins and then had to get into the fun. She dragged us up to the houses and took handfuls of candy and put into her bag. Her favourite treat was a thing of Pringles…lugged those around and kept snacking, dropped a few picked them up and kept munching. We ended the night around 7 but she was raging to keep trick or treating…my little party girl