Last Day…

I have been counting down for this for a while now, but it still surprises me that it is here!  My last day of work….I will be home with my babes for 54 weeks starting Monday morning.  I feel so blessed to live in a country and have a job where this is possible, but I would be lying if I didn’t add that I am nervous too.  I have barely got a grasp on parenting one child and now we are adding another one to our crew.  I keep trying to remind myself of all the things I worried about last time that didn’t matter, and hope that this will be the same.  I am sure that in a few weeks Mystery Baby will be a real live named member of our family. One we will wonder how we lived without all this time.  It is funny to think that my normal for the past year and a half will change again, and we will have new routines for the next year.  I know this is going to be tiring, but thrilling….no more commuting, and working, but also no more coffee breaks and grownup talk.  (And most importantly less money.)  We survived the change from 0-1 so I think we can handle 1-2…team work, planning and stolen nap moments are on the horizon.  Peace out work….I am off to begin a new job for a while!

Weekend report apr 23-34th edition

The weekend was relatively low key for the Walsh family but nice nonetheless.  Friday night after work we got Z into bed and watched The Boss on TV while struggling to stay awake.  Saturday Zo and I went out for breakfast at Cora’s spent some time with Nana, and I had an epic nap.  We did some tidying up and some cooking and were all ready for family dinner Saturday night.  My Aunt and uncle from Victoria were visiting and we hosted a nice family dinner at our house. The end of my hosting duties before mystery baby arrives I am assuming.  My Mum did the shopping and my brother did the BBQing, Garret did the dishes, so really I just had to show up…great hostess duties. G spent the day at the cabin cutting down trees so we were both quite tired and struggled through staying awake for Z’s bedtime.
Sunday Garret randomly decided to run a 20k with my Aunt, so he was gone most of the morning, Zo and I did some grocery shopping, nap attempting, Sofia watching time.  Over to Nana’s late afternoon to have another visit with my Aunt and Uncle then we all went to the Farmhouse for dinner.  Home to get ready for my last week of work for a YEAR…..definitely a different feel to my Sunday night gearing up for one last week of work. I GOT THIS! I mean I think I do ha ha felt nice thinking 5 days left of work.

35 weeks

35 weeks

35 weeks…and definitely in the home stretch now.  As of today, one more week of work and 4 weeks and a few days til Mystery Baby arrives.  The past week has seen me slow down significantly and begin the waddle.  I don’t remember being this tired and sore last time around…G says I am complaining about the same amount so maybe I was? Apparently I bake babies upside down as this one is breech as well and seems to favour some form of starfish position as I am just feeling SO full of baby…as in this little one is stretching out to take up as much room as possible.  At this point I am expecting to birth another Z…9lbs and long long long.
Nesting has taken place, my hospital bag is mostly packed, newborn diapers have been purchased (THEY ARE SO TINY)  clothing has been organized by age (If this is another girl I think we need zero new clothes so that would be a price saver) and info package dropped at hospital.  Mum and I have been running errands and crossing things off my “what I must do before birthing” list…feels good to be productive and get stuff done.  I think that I am still in work mode for the next week, but the two weeks off before babe comes are going to be insane.  Insane as in Garret will hate me with my “honey do” list for each night and weekend.  It is funny for the past 35 weeks have simultaneously flown and crawled by…how is that possible? some of the moms in my May 2016 baby group have started having their babies and I look at their smallness and I am still somewhat in disbelief. I remember being pregnant with Z thinking “ok so I go to the hospital…they give me a baby and then I take it home and I just get to keep it?!!!” I couldnt wrap my head around the whole thing…but its happening again. Someone is going to say “oh here is another baby and it belongs to you” and then I take it home and raise it along with Z. Still boggles my mind that this is happening….I am sure I am just eating too much icecream and that is where the belly comes from,,,,?
The next Four weeks have a lot of planning and excitement to come…..well…I’m ready for you! (mostly)


There are a few noises that rouse me from sleep rather easily. One such sound is toddler feet on hardwood in the middle of the night. Zoë has been in a big girl bed since before Christmas but until recently has never left the safety of her cozy bed in the night. Many nights we awoke at ungodly hours to the cries of “daddy”, or more frequently “mama” but the past four nights I’ve woken up around 4am to see a little girl standing in my doorway clutching her Bunny. She comes crawling in with us, demanding I go get the blanket, waterbottle and dolly she couldn’t carry on her initial journey down the hall. By the time I return she has sprawled out in such a way that seems to negate all of the room typically offered by a King.

Last night I bailed from my marital bed and crawled instead into a purple sheeted empty toddler bed. No one was kicking me in the head nor sleeping on top of me. It was glorious! I think a game of bed swap may be our new nightly thing. I’m beyond caring at this point as long as I get some sleep!

Dear Zoë at Two and a HALF

Dear Zoë,

The past month has been marked as one run on sentence of illness. You have had an ongoing ear infection since February, a cold, the flu, a perforated ear drum and now another croupey sounding awful cough.  This has been a long haul and we have been getting no sleep, but it is reminding me to be thankful–I cannot even imagine what families go through with seriously ill children. This has been heartbreaking for us to see you so uncomfortable but at least we know there is an end in site.

You  moved out of the Toddler room at daycare and into Casa….this means you have to wear a uniform and you are unequivocally a big girl.  Unfortunately you have been missing a lot of daycare due to illness.  And after your most recent doctors appointment you are now off for the rest of this week and next week. Nana to the rescue as you will be spending some quality time with her in the next little bit.  We are hoping this latest round of antibiotics will get rid of this ear infection once and for all, and that we can get your ENT appointment moved up so that we can get you tubes and feeling better.  It sounds like your terrible sleep habits might be due to how uncomfortable you feel so it would be great to get that sorted out as well.

You were very excited with the few warm days we have had so far.  We spent some time outdoors blowing bubbles, and Daddy and I promised you a trip to the park, but then it snowed again and you haven’t let us forget the failed park trip.  Allegedly spring is on the way so maybe we can get out there this weekend.  You have been clingy and a super duper mama’s girl as of late and we aren’t sure if it is because you know someone is coming to rock your world, or if you just need super cuddles due to feeling sick.

Things I want to remember about our life right now:  Your  love of princess books remains. We read every. single. one each night before bed.  You lean in for a kiss in Snow White and Sleeping Beauty at the end when the princes lean in to kiss the sleeping princesses.  You say “like Mummy and Daddy” at the end of your Ariel book when they are getting married. You delight in saying “THE END” and slamming the book shut when finished.

Nana bought you a Minnie Mouse Flashlight at the dollar store and you have been sleeping with it every night since.  You like to shine it on the book to help me read, and last night at bedtime your Daddy showed you shadow animals with it and you thought that was the best thing ever.  We are working on the whole “no don’t shine that in people’s eyeballs” rule, but you are a bit of a slow learner on that one.

You have recently begun LOVING bathtime.  Which is a surprise and delight to the rest of us. The other night you chose bath over watching more of Tangled…something I never saw coming.  We throw some bubble bath in there and you will happily float and play with your toys for ages. It is a lovely change of pace from the girl who once hovered in the bath screaming.  Times are changing girl and it’s exciting to watch.

Your favourite movies at the moment are Tangled, Sleeping ‘Booty’, and Tinterball and Pirates (Tinkerbell and something about pirates)  You love your Ariel bath toy, Bunny, Nana’s makeup brushes and all your craft stuff and puzzles (which you call games)the best.

Purple is your favorite colour…I had to hide your purple rain coat this week as that is all you want to wear and it has just been way too cold for that. You love wearing hats and sunglasses, and rock out with cool accessories–you are more fashion forward than your mama you sweet babe.

You are wonderful and crazy and just about perfect.  I am trying  hard to savour this last time we have as a little family of three. I sometimes worry about the intruder in my belly who is coming to displace you, and I get nervous that you will feel sad and upset, but I am going to work hard so you always know just how loved you are. My first born, my #1, beautiful, spirited, loud, crazy, opinionated, occasionally crazy, sleep hating girl. We have so many adventures in store over the next few months–and I just cant wait to share them all with you.

Love, your ever lovin’ mama


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32 Weeks

I am terrible at setting up my photos to be from the same angle etc, but here is Mystery Baby, one week apart.  Definitely getting larger.  Baby is roughly the size of a pomelo or a football–no wonder I’m starting to feel really out of breath and super duper pregnant!  I can’t bend over, I have to sit down to put my socks on and I haven’t seen my lady bits in quite some time.  Pregnancy is just as glamorous as it seems in the movies.  I really really can’t believe how fast time is marching on.  As of today I can officially say “I am having a baby next month” Yikes.  It is such a weird feeling to be so excited and so terrified by the same coming event!  Definitely starting to feel real.  I made a “what I think I need to get organized” list yesterday…it is funny what one forgets from one pregnancy to the other.  By now when I was pregnant with Z, I think her nursery was organized, I had diapers, some newborn clothes, and felt as though I was ready. Hilarious cause I wasnt actually “ready” at all.  But I just had a brief panic today that if the baby came early I would have literally nothing together.  Plans to get organized this weekend so I am feeling a bit more put together.
Plans include:
*Motherhood maternity (or Thyme)– Nursing bras and nursing tops
*Shoppers/Wherever– newborn diapers, wipes, diaper genie refill
*Once upon a Child: Newborn Sleepers and onesies (just a few)  0-3 onesies and sleepers (just a few cause will want boy ones if babe is a boy ) Lace up bottom nighties for babe,  Receiving blankets
*Things to dig out from storage:
Bouncy chair
Car Seat
Cosleeper thing
Nursing Pillow
*I need to drop off the hospital information form at the hospital
*make a list for packing my hospital bag

Ok Mystery Baby…not to worry, Mama is getting ready for you!