This very morning

Sloan slept last night from 9:30-4am had a snack then fell back asleep until 7am. It really is miraculous what a super good sleep does for you after a good 6 weeks of less than adequate sleep at night. This has also been the first morning since she was born that the stars aligned for me to have some quiet coffee fueled morning time. Zoë is still asleep so it’s Sloan, Brooklyn and I (along with a glorious cup of Sumatra) chilling in the backroom. Mornings with two so far haven’t seen me getting to my coffee right away, unless Mum is here to help…so I’m calling this morning a win. Chaos reigns when Z is up demanding Cheerios or M & M’s for breakfast, so I shall enjoy this brief quiet. My smallest gal and a cup of coffee. Lovely. Happy Saturday to all.

Dear Sloan (1 month)

Dear Sloan,

You are one month old–10lbs 5oz, 23 inches long and so totally, completely amazing. I was reminded recently of the quote “the days are long but the years are short”and it is just so applicable to this season of life our family is in. You and I have lived four lifetimes and yet also only 5 minutes this past month. I cannot believe you have been here for a month and I also can’t believe you haven’t always been the tiniest member of our family. I am doing my best to savour this crazy newborn stage because I know first hand how quickly it will end. Realistically I’m not savouring all the quality time we spend together at night. However if you are anything like Zoë we will have many more years of togetherness in the midnight hours!

I feel that in the past two years I have forgotten how to have a newborn. I am not sure if you are more easy going than your sister or if maybe I haven’t forgotten so much and looking after you is now just a second nature ability. You’re a pretty great but really loud sleeper, an efficient eater, and you do this funny thing with your leg that reminds me of a synchronized swimmer. Your main hobbies to date are pooping in a freshly changed diaper and accepting a mauling from your big sister.

It’s only been a month so I don’t really know you that well but you are just exactly who we needed to complete our family. I’m so excited for all the exciting changes to come this year and all the adventures we have in store as a family.

May you always have this calm temperament, the ability to tolerate your sisters love, and thus snuggly personality…(your Dad and I deserve one kid who loves to cuddle.)

You are loved beyond measure.



Father’s Day

For Garret’s first Father’s Day I had wanted to start a tradition that we would do every year moving forward. I realized that it would be tricky to pick a place to visit or an activity as sometimes life doesn’t allow visits to Weber’s (for shame!!!) or a golf course…so I bought some letters from Michael’s and decided a yearly photo shoot would be what would happen. I am thrilled to say I have managed to now do it three years in a row!! I’m so happy with all of them, but thanks to Sloan this year’s shoot happened to double in cuteness factor

Garret has the first two years already printed and hanging in his office–he’ll need a bigger cubicle soon.

This year he was off helping a friend build a fence so we didn’t do anything particularly fathers dayish. He started the morning off with the present and card that Zoë made him from daycare. He got teary reading her rhyme about small hands, and we joked about how children make you a million times more exhausted and vulnerable than you could ever guess.  As we dive head along into this journey of raising another young lady, I am thrilled by my choice of life partner and so happy that my girls get to call him Daddy. I know how much he wants to raise them to be smart, strong and confident girls (who still need their parents for a long long time) That is one of the many things I love about him!

Bedtime conversations

Sloan and I were snuggled in bed with Zoë tonight doing bedtime. Zo asked if Sloan could stay for a sleepover. I said not tonight she is too small, but when she is bigger she would stay every night and they would share a room–Sloan can sleep in your old crib!!

Zoë thought for a minute and said “no Mama she can sleep right here” and patted right next to her. We all stayed in Z’s big girl bed until she fell asleep and when I went to get up I noticed that she had fallen asleep touching her sister. I hope that they always love each other like this.

Life right now

I have a few half written posts that I may or may not get around to posting…hormonal late night declarations of love for the newest member of our family. I wish I had written more when Zoë was really wee and had vowed to do that more this time around… However I quickly am remembering how hard it is to get much time to concentrate with a fresh baby (and also a toddler) to take care of! So just a brief glimpse of life as it is in this very moment.

-Zoë likes to soothe Sloan by yelling “you’re ok Sloanie Sloanie…Zoë is here” in loud non soothing tones

-she informs us when her sister does and doesn’t want her soother, loves to “help” with diaper changes and feeding. Can’t understand why she can’t feed her sister.

-Sloan is just now at nearly 3 weeks coming out of those super long sleepy periods all day. The awake time might be because of her age or the incessant mauling from Zoë we shall see.

-I’m getting longer periods of sleep at night which has been amazing. Zoë was an “up to eat every 2 hours” kind of newborn. Sloan will have a big meal and then pass out for 4 hours. Amazing.

-my survival to date can be attributed to my Mum living 5 mins away and coming with coffee and dinner most days and helping me juggle two kids. I have really needed and appreciated the help getting organized/caffeinated/fed. My mother in law has also had Brooklyn for 3 weeks which has given me one less being to take care of…very necessary 

Life right now is lots of time outside, eating Popsicles, reading princess stories, changing tiny diapers, promising myself naps “later”, saying “gentle with your sister” over and over. Watching Princess Sofia, saying “I love you too much”, working on our new normal, preparing to have Zoë home with me full time as of July 1st.  Spring cleaning the house and purging a ton of “stuff”. Snazzing up the garden, making summer plans, blowing bubbles, hitting up the park and attempting to savour the newborn stage as we know how quickly it passes.