Weekend Report: The Spring is coming edition

March 8 weekendHad lots of fun this weekend with the fam, and even more fun playing with this template from Cathy Zielske. Really getting into digital scrapbooking these days–something I can do on my lunchbreak at work! woot woot ALSO how cute is my Z? (Hubs is a bit of a looker too if I do say so myself)

Lisa Frank Once Again Rules the Roost

Sometime in the late 80s early 90’s, Lisa Frank was every little girl’s dream.  My Mum bought me a Lisa Frank Trapper keeper (I think it was this one) And I thought I was the cat’s pajamas.  There were stickers, pencil cases and pretty much anything stationery/school supply wise  decked out with a wide array of multicoloured adorable animals/ice creams/rainbow whatevers.  90s girl dream come true.  Clearly I passed through this stage and hadn’t given much thought to her since.  Until this past summer. I was at the dollar store at saw a Sticker pack of Lisa Frank stickers..and immediately HAD to buy them.

lisa frankGarret thought I was nuts, because what 34 year old woman needs 300 stickers of weirdo animals and hearts and the like.  That woman is me folks, because I NEEEDED those stickers. And just like that they came home with me.  Where they sat unused in the basement until this week.  And this is where the story gets fun, and messy and sticky.

Zoë has been a bit of a slippery-back-archy-rolling away nightmare in the diaper changing department lately. (Apparently not at daycare just saves it for home but I digress)  G read somewhere that stickers can be a good distraction during diaper changes and  I had my Oprah “A-Ha” moment remembering the 300 stickers I had chilling in the basement.  So far, this plan has worked. She LOVES the stickers and has been pretty good about laying down when  told.  We were a little preemptive on high fiving each other about this awesome new plan…a few set backs

1) I made it through most of the work day yesterday with a Lisa Frank Puppy sticker on the back of my leg that I hadn’t noticed

2) We are finding tiny trippy 90s stickers ALL OVER THE HOUSE

3) Z is finding it hilarious sticking them to her face, the mirror, the dog…..clearly we didn’t think this through.


Walshes Do Mornings

  I have been back at work for nearly 3 months. THREE….I thought it was just parenting time that flew by, but apparently it is life in general these days.  My pre-back to work morning plan was this:  I would get up at 5:30, get myself all ready to go, wake up Miss Z at 6 and that would give us about 45 minutes to get her dressed, have breakfast, get organized and leave the house.  Aaand now back-to-work me laughs at former me thinking I could plan such things.  Z is not the world’s greatest sleeper and so she has been getting up for the day anywhere from 4-6am.  Coupled by a random sleep regression, no one in our house is sleeping all that much and our mornings are not the seamless flow that I anticipated.  We do a complicated dance of trying to get ready while juggling someone who is in need of attention and doesn’t understand our urgency about dressing and not playing.  It is funny though that the insanity is starting to become routine and we are finding ways to adapt.
We had minimal sleep last night due to said sleep regression, and we were both grumbly and miserable when the alarm went off.  I thought we were all going to leave the house snippy with each other, but  we managed to pull it together.  We had a dance party to Taylor Swift in the kitchen while Garret made shakes for breakfast and I got made up/hair done/teeth brushed (downstairs bathroom is just off the kitchen) Z was getting all upset about not being allowed to play in the fridge so Garret grabbed his phone and saved the day.  Zo loves dancing and G just cranked some tunes and the three of us took a break from being tired and shook it in the kitchen.  Not part of my original intricately plotted morning routines, but a total, total game changer for our day.

Trying to get ready and a little person is crawling up my leg...mama/daughter selfies it is.  My phone is so big it's like another person in the photo

Trying to get ready and a little person is crawling up my leg…mama/daughter selfies it is. My phone is so big it’s like another person in the photo

New fave hobby--trying to open the fridge. She then points at everything, says "me?" and flips out if I don't let her walk around the house with a glass bottle of maple syrup...yeah sorry kid I don't think so

New fave hobby–trying to open the fridge. She then points at everything, says “me?” and flips out if I don’t let her walk around the house with a glass bottle of maple syrup…yeah sorry kid I don’t think so

keeping a little bit busy organizing Tupperware while eating toast

Keeping a little bit busy organizing Tupperware while eating toast…behind the scenes I am frantically packing up the rest of our lunches and making coffee–survival mode

Winter Woes, Daycare Germs and Busy Beans

Our little Bean brought two things home from daycare last week:  Her first finger painting (eeeeee so cute) and her first cold (less thrilling). She proceeded to cough directly in Garret’s mouth so he quickly succumbed to the illness as well.    Z had a really bad cough which was impeding her already less than stellar sleep record.  Over the weekend she fought her naps like crazy managing to hold off until 5pm on Sunday…a feat worth commenting on for sure.napping Somehow her illness did NOT effect her energy level and she was just as energetic and getting into everything as a healthy 15 month old.  I am finding this age to be really challenging. I love her to bits, but she is redefining the word “Busy”.  She gets into EVERYTHING and her favourite pastimes include emptying things (tupperware drawer, toy box, dogs food/water dishes) and attempting to rip down our blinds.  When I first went back to work I was determined to find a way that I could stay home with her. The mere thought of being apart was damaging to my psyche…now I feel that perhaps I am a better mother for being back at work. She gets her time with other kids (I get mine with grownups) and when her language skills develop more we will have much to talk about at the end of the day!

Peace Reigns Once Again

Peace Reigns Once Again

2015?! BRING IT ON

Happy New YearPresenting a little bit of NYE canoodling Walsh style. This year our festivities were kind of last minute plans, but included a low key evening with friends while miss Z was being babysat by Nana.  Food and some bevies, lots of talk about playing games that never really materialized and despite our best intentions, much chatter about kids.  Lovely night.  New Years Day included a sleep in on our part, Garret making breakfast while I went to pick up Z, and then pretty much a pajama clad rest of the day.  We played with lego, attempted to snuggle with our non snuggly Z, tidied up and enjoyed a lazy low key day.   I may have had a mimosa (or two), but who is counting?

2014 was the first year since we started dating that we didn’t have a monumental life change: moving in together | buying a  house | planning a wedding |  having a baby…we kind of coasted as we figured out how to keep our daughter alive while maintaining our sanity and not killing each other. Goal for 2014? Successfully met!  We have lofty goals for 2015.  This year we have more goals for fixing up our home, and are working out a more concrete/realistic financial plan. I think often we start the year saying “we should work on the house, we should think about a budget” This year we have actually sat down with each other and thought about specific tasks for the home, filled in a budget and are taking steps to actually implement it.  We have realized that just saying “we should spend less money” does not really count as being on a budget.  The best part about early January is the hopeful, full of intention, gung ho feelings that come with the promise of a new year…I realize that we are the same people from Dec 31st to Jan 1st, but something about the clock striking midnight provides the blank slate.  Our glass slipper, fairy godmother magic do-over….and this year we wana do it right.

Main Walsh Family Goals of 2015: (to be detailed further in another post) *Working on the house *staying on a budget *Less (phone) screen time *Organization in life, work, home, hobbies and my fave *Plan making…instead of saying “we should do X sometime” I want to say “Hey! Let’s try X Wednesday afternoon” Hands into the huddle….aaaand GO TEAM WALSH!

December Daily Weekend 20-21 Edition

IMG_20141220_194836_edit Xmas imagejpeg_2 Me and em 20141220_100036 20141220_102801This weekend was about driving to Meaford, some last minute Christmas shopping, and time spent with my mother in law, brother in law and future (we all hope!) sister in law.  Zoë getting spoiled and snuggled and loved on by family. Garret got a new truck, and cleaned our old one til it looked brand new (don’t think it has ever been so clean) Sunday morning was all about getting to go back to sleep while my MIL hung out with our little early riser.  G and I got to go back to bed from 7-9…life changing.  There was a lot of driving around this weekend, some naps in cars, cuddles with dogs, and two chances to dress up.  Not enough pictures taken by me so had to steal some.

This weekend was also about  managing expectations as a parent. Realizing it is TOTALLY OK to bring a 15month old to a party in her super cute Christmas jammies.  Even if you packed a super adorable dress for the occasion…Realizing that life with a walking, clumsy, death defying feat hunting toddler is obviously different.  We cannot just relax at dinner parties any longer. (Unless they are being hosted in a child proof rubber room)  These things are OK, this is our life right now, and if we can manage tag team eating styles, we simultaneously eat and keep our daughter alive, then what more can we ask for.