Someone is 32


 Garret turned 32 this week which is wonderful because it now marks a few months where I am only three years older.  July rolls around and it bumps back up to four….and he cherishes reminding me of being his ‘old lady’ at any chance he gets.  Z now gets the idea of birthdays and presents and CAKE oh man Cake….this was a really fun birthday as she was excited for it all week, had made him a card with Nana and practiced singing him happy  birthday.  Z and Nana baked a cake and Zo decorated it and we all enjoyed after dinner.  She only had eyes for “the cake Daddy I made a cake” We managed to force a few mouthfuls of dinner down her, but girl was pumped for the cake. She sang her heart out and helped blow out the candles. It was just so SO much fun.

Now we are preparing for the 7th annual birthday party at the Cabin. Guy’s night tonight, grownups day/night tomorrow and family day tomorrow for the Superbowl.  It has been one of our longest lasting yearly traditions that our group of friends really look forward to.  Reflecting on 7 years it is amazing to see how much we have all changed, marriages, babies, second babies….we are all growing up…yikes.  What used to be a weekend long hangover has changed to us passing out from exhaustion of child rearing plus a glass of wine.  (well at least for the Mums)  The Dad’s still seem to manage to get some drinking done :)

Nap time is Hard

Whenever Zoë has a difficult time mastering a new task (for instance putting on socks) Mum started saying “that’s ok Zoë, socks are hard” Z now says this about many things from socks, to zippers to opening her toy box. 

It would appear that big girl beds are hard too. At our house and Nana’s house the big girl bed is a mattress on the floor for now. Definitely not in a hurry to get that up on a frame or we will be finding her on the floor during most Naptimes/bedtimes. Mum sent me this pic from naptime on Tuesday. My word this girl kills me!

2 kids, 2 dogs, 0 brain

Garret and I have long chatted about getting a friend for Brooklyn.  Someone she can hopefully burn off some energy with as well as keep her company while we are at work.  (Definitely those parents who feel bad our dog is home alone all day.)  We haven’t really be actively looking, and have just thought that the right opportunity would present itself.  At lunch last week I was looking on a local rescue site and saw that they were bringing 11 dogs over from Korea in the next few weeks.  Upon a quick glance I came across this face: IMG_0431.JPG

Oh hello little one eyed fella…immediately decided that I needed to apply to bring him into our home.  I messaged my Mum and Garret to see if I was totally insane, and then filled out an application. WE WERE ACCEPTED.  The rescue lady loved my application and after emails back and forth said she thought this little guy would be great in our home.  He arrives from Korea on Saturday and will go spend some time in a foster home, we will be going to meet him on the long weekend, and if he and Brooklyn get along, I think he will be coming home with us.  Definitely one of the more impulsive things we will have done (when it comes to adding to the family) but it is our hope that he will be a fun companion to Brooklyn and they can play together instead of B being a total nut when she needs more attention than we can give her. Should be interesting to see if this goes as well as I am hoping or if I need a lobotomy in the next few weeks.  He is great with kids and dogs (clearly a prerequisite for our family) loves snuggling (Definitely a WALSH!)  and loves the bath (ok that one makes him stand out from his future brother and sister)  G and I are both excited but nervous and trying not to be too excited until we meet him.   I really hope he is a good fit for our family, as it would be so nice to have two.  It is funny, so many of the Boston families I have met say they are like Lays chips “betcha can’t have just one”

Currently his name is Zank which we are not super fond of.  Top contenders for name change are Bronx (cause are have an NYC borough thing going on already) Harlem, Creed and Luther (those last two are just contenders for me, not sure G is on board)  Really looking forward to hearing more about him from the rescue this weekend…have already requested 500 pictures so we can look at him running around instead of in his kennel.

23 weeks along

    According to various apps Mystery baby is the size of a Barbie Doll, a Grapefruit, or the Fertility Idol from Indiana Jones.  S/he is doing a lot of karate or yoga in there, especially later in the day…I am still craving sugar and really bad food (like poutine…sweet nectar from the Gods) but now that I am feeling less like barfing all the time I am trying really hard to eat more veggies and healthy snacks.  The ladies in the accounting department have done their Italian voodoo gender predicting magic and all said Boy.  I believe they were equally divided on Z’s gender, but they all seem to agree with this one…only time will tell.  Sleep is becoming more difficult. Last night I had fun reading through blog posts from when I was pregnant with Zoë and remembered all the fun I might have in store.  Carpal tunnel has started to come back, I notice if I am napping in carpool I wake up with tingly fingers.  It’s funny how much you can forget in 3 years…I definitely forgot that that was a thing.

     It is so weird with the second baby. I feel as though I don’t have the time or mental space for every waking thought to be consumed with baby baby baby.  (definitely was last time)  I think I might be trying to cherish this pregnancy more when I reflect on how I am feeling as (unless there is a surprise in the years to come) this will be my last.  I’m savouring the frequent kicks and trying to be more constructive in my complaining. “Oh I am good…SO freaking tired, but you know, really happy…thanks for asking”  I have felt overcome with Joy more often than not lately.  I am feeling good, my baby is healthy, my daughter is the coolest cutest toddler in the universe, my husband is a babe (even though he makes me insane), my Mum has her health and lives nearby and helps out a ton with said cute toddler.  I really am so very lucky.

     While looking back at my blog I noticed various “OMG must get done before Gus arrives” lists and posts..again, poor second baby, we have minimal priorities to sort out before you get here. And really they are more of the “oh would be nice to get these done sooner than later” than “earth shall end if we don’t” essentials.  They include:

+ Change the house, our wardrobes, and gardeny things over from winter to spring

+ Paint the closet doors in the nursery/Z’s bedroom

+ Paint the interior/Exterior doors that were put in at the end of the fall

+ Dig out newborn jammies and onesies from Mum’s basement and wash

+ Get a pedicure and my hair done and a massage or something totally decadent right before Mystery Babe arrives.

+ Nail down a boy name cause MAN we find those tricky

Yeah really that is about it.  Sorry kid. You will be bunking with your Dad and I for a few months so I am not going to go nuts prepping a nursery…especially since prepping the nursery just means changing the sheets your sister slept on and removing various Frozen dolls and paraphernalia from the crib. Poor second baby doesn’t even get his/her own room. You may not get much that is all your own, but trust me kid you already own the other half of my heart.


Daddy-wan Kenobi

For the past two years I have frequently teased Garret about his lack of awareness from 10pm-6am… While I have had super Mum radar and been able to hear any Zo related issues, Garret could have Z crying in our bed and somehow roll over and fall back asleep.  Lately this has changed. I am not sure if his senses are in hyper drive as he ages, or if he is realizing that in my knocked up state my Mum radar is somewhat muted.  A few nights lately he has popped up out of what I thought was a dead sleep because (as he says) “I sense a disturbance in the force”  He who once could not hear her screaming from a room away, can now hear the muffled “thump thump” of  two tiny feet hitting the ground, getting out of bed.  It truly is amazing to witness.  Sunday morning I woke up to him getting track pants on–I asked where he was going “Oh I can hear her breathing closer to the door” And sure enough when he got to her room I could hear “HI DADDY” from our little Z who was standing (and I guess breathing) at the gate in her doorway.

It is  fantastic to know I can roll over and Daddy-wan Kenobi is on duty to sense any trouble with our young padawan.

The Sleep struggle (is real)

We moved Z into a big girl bed just mid November. She had been having night terrors for a few weeks and either Garret or myself were in with her, sitting on a glider, trying to console her at 2am. AWFUL.  My Mum gifted us a single bed she had and so we thought we would be able to cuddle in there with her in these middle of the night panics.  She now will only nap in her crib and wants to sleep in her big girl bed…and this has been quite the adapting process for all three of us.  Bedtime routine has been taking AGES for months now, and it seems even more complicated lately in that she can get out of her bed.  We do jammies, teeth, potty and into bed for a cuddle and to read some stories.  Inevitably it is back to the potty for a while (this is a cruel cruel trick.  I can’t say no when she asks since we are working on being diaper free, but I just KNOW she is faking….little bum)  She wants to cuddle or goof around and not go to bed.  If Garret is putting her to sleep she also needs Mummy and vice versa.  By the time we get her settled and close to sleeping we are both dead tired.  This is not helping with our “keeping up with the housework/clutter/life in general stuff” plans for the evening.  For the past month we have been dealing with nightmares (she is scared of the Grinch and a Dragon stuffy we had to hide)  So once again one of us would end up spooning with a toddler in a single bed.

The past week we have turned a corner and someone is sleeping through the night AGAIN.  I feel like I deserve this, a few weeks of sleep before we bring another newborn home and I am up every 2-3 hours again. I forgot how nice some uninterrupted sleep feels.  It is funny though because just this morning Garret woke up saying “is it bad I kinda miss sleeping with her?”  We have wanted a cuddly baby for two years and just recently she is asking for cuddles in the night and it is just the best thing ever.

Regardless of the sleep or lack of it….who could be annoyed when you have to snuggle an angel like this?


21 weeks in

Dear Mystery Baby,

I have been writing letters to your sister off and on for the past 2 years, so I think it’s high time you get some of your own.  According to my various aps you are currently the size of a pomegranate or a baseball cap.  I am finally feeling you move about more which is quite a comforting feeling.  Last night you were kicking/elbowing so hard it could be felt from the outside…I got all excited, got your Dad’s hand in the right spot, and then you promptly fell asleep.  If you could perk up a little bit tonight so that he can feel you move around a bit that would be great.  You’ve been karate chopping me all morning so far, so take a nap on the way home and then pull out the big guns around 8pm? ok thanks!

You, Nana and I went on our first plane ride this past week…to the exotic locale of Edmonton. You were much easier to take on the plane than your sister’s first flight..I didn’t have to entertain you, just feed you…a total breeze.  You were denied a dessert after dinner on Friday night and you haven’t let me forget it since. We have been craving sweets ever since. (I’m not complaining!)

Last week your Dad, sister and I got to see you and it was amazing.  We had our 20 week appointment and the technician checked out your heart (which was beating 140/minute), your beautiful face, your brain, spine and all other internal organs.  I could not identify most things on the screen but she said you looked perfect.  (Obviously since your Dad and I are awesome at making amazing babies) We didn’t find out if you are a girl or a boy and so ‘Mystery Baby’ you shall remain.

You will be here before we know it and I do NOT KNOW where the past 21 weeks have gone.  Keep growing little one. Can’t wait to see you in May.

Love always,


PS you are extremely flexible which I cant help but find very very impressive.  You have already been signed up for infant gymnastics commencing in June. So stay limber babycakes.for blog